Friday, May 29, 2009


Ah, Spyderco.

I finally have an EDC (every day carry) knife that I am proud of: the Spyderco Rescue Jr. in 78mm. It arrived yesterday in the mail from Oregon Knife Shop in less than a week. Thanks dudes!

I proudly strapped it to my belt this morning, whipping it out later in the day to cut some thick zip ties and 1/4 in. cardboard. It went through this crud like hot butter. It was as if the knife said, "C'mon. Did you really think I couldn't cut that?" Later I took it to some hard plastic, and the knife handled it flawlessly.

Frankly, this is the best damn knife I have ever owned.
The contours of the blade fit my hand like it was personally made for me. Remarkable. There is a tangible quality to the steel, which makes you instantly realize, "Oooo. This is a different kind of knife." The edge is wicked, and Spyderco's trademark "O" hole in the blade makes it super easy to flip this bad boy open. I was a little skeptical about that at first, but not any more. No sir. In a word, this thing is sweet.

Before purchasing, I was looking for a relatively low-cost quality folding knife for some time. I didn't want to pay more than 100 dollars for a blade that's going to see a lot of action. But I also didn't want to spend too little money and get a piece of junk. My homies on GlockTalk recommend Spyderco for both of these reasons, and I noticed the company has quite a devoted following by the number of endorsements.

That said, I decided to go with the Spyderco Rescue Jr. after reading this article over at Modern Combative Systems. Mr. George Matheis, who runs the company, is a real warrior and has some great things to say about self-defense and self-awareness. As of yet, I can't say I've gone wrong in taking his advice.(Be sure to check out his post on the "Bag of Evil."

So yah. I've got a new knife and am really happy with it. It's pretty bad ass. I like orange, so I picked orange. 'Nuff said.

Over and Out,



Martin Schap said...

That's a nice knife. I need to break down and spend more than $20 on a folder one day.

Nick-dog said...

Thanks dude. It cuts like a mother.

Yeah, it was bought with b-day gift money, if you want to know the truth.


Martin Schap said...

I hear a trip to the midwest may be in your future. As a reminder, it is my understanding that the great state of IN will honor a VA handgun permit. (If you show up sans Glock you will not be welcome here.)

Nick-dog said...

Yes, yes, this is true!

I don't know if you've been given the word, but we've moved our trip dates from June to July 11-18. You guys going to be around? I hope so.

Yes, I will have my Glock. Hopefully, in my new holster, possibly with a Taclight, if I can save up enough cash.

It'd be really great to see you guys. I can't believe it will have been like more than half a year since our last visit. The time just flies.

Peace Bro,