Saturday, May 09, 2009

"Some" ads...

I just added a whole bunch of ads to the Update, consisting of all my favorite gear. Everything I've posted is either stuff I own, have owned (and want back), or will own.

I will never recommend or post something that I think is a piece of shit. You have my word.

As you know, I love talking about my favorite stuff. Considering Amazon sells everything short of the guillotine, you can bet that if I find something cool and it gets mentioned on the blog, or I just think to add something, there will be a new link.

Patronize, if you will, by clicking on the link and I, obviously, benefit financially from your interest should you decide to make a purchase.

One excellent feature on Amazon is the myriad of customer reviews. If it's sold on Amazon, chances are it's been reviewed. It's a good place to check on something, even if you are buying in a regular store, before making a purchase.

So, if you are looking for something for your better half or for yourself, you will likely find something cool in the ads. If nothing else, it'll get the wheels turning.

Peace out, yo's. I hope you enjoy the new sche..., I mean, "feature."



Martin Schap said...

I will keep you in mind when I lose my current multitool, which is basically inevitable.

Nick-dog said...

LOL. I like the Gerber Suspension. My only beef with it is that the philips head is too small for my liking. Other than that, it has performed well.

Shoot anything lately?

I haven't, partly because of the ammo shortage/price but also because I've been saving the rest of my funds for the RCS holster and Tac light.

I am looking forward to having that set up 24 7.