Wednesday, December 31, 2008

I discovered a lot of drones in the Midwest

So me and the fam journeyed back to the Midwest this Christmas. It was a great trip and, overall, a great Christmas. We went to the local Cabela's and I hooked up with some serious ammo, a limbsaver deresonator for the rifle (reduces recoil and increases accuracy), and a new non-BPA Nalgene bottle. In all honesty, I made out like a bandit.

And before I continue to the main topic of my post, I just wanted to note that Cabela's has the best and most organized rifle ammo selection out there that I have seen in a big box store, unlike, unfortunately, Gander Mountain. Thank you Cabela's for keeping it real.

OK, so we go visit my family and it's like everyone drank the Koolaide...yes, Obama supporters.

So many people voted for Obama and don't know a damn thing about him, except that "he is definitely better than 8 years of Bush." No matter what, every Obama supporter I spoke with uttered this same piece of drivel, the same damn same thing, practically verbatim, as their final defense for why they support the O. It's pathetic. The liberal media has programmed its drones well.

Never mind that Obama thinks it's ok to throw babies in closet to die after a failed abortion, there is a lot of cooing over Obama amongst the public, just because the news media coos. If Hussein is in Hawaii with his shirt off, it's Camelot. If G.W. golfs with his father, it's dereliction of duty. There is just so much outrage over Bush, just because the liberal media is outraged.

WTF people? I don't agree with every decision Bush ever made, but I am not outraged, except by the bailout mania. Under Bush we had the most prosperous economy ever and no repeats of 9-11. He's had to make tough decisions as the leader of the free world and all he's gotten is a lot of spittle, at least when it comes to the liberal media. So, let me say it, hey liberal media, I've got 2 words for you: FU!

I know not every Obama supporter is of the glazed over type, but so many so easily turned a blind lie to the parade of lies and deceit on the campaign trail. I always challenge them with 20 years of Rev. Wright, and they say, "I don't believe everything my pastor says either." My response: except that racism is a fundamental tennet of black liberation theology. Unbelieveable.

But if W went to a white supremecist Church for a funeral, not that he would, it would be a international scandal. Yet Obama can sit in the pews of Rev. Wright for 20 years, say he didn't know what his pastor thought, and be exonerrated as a political hero.

"Ayers is just a guy in my neighborhood," was another big-time lie. Really? He was also the guy you sat on the Annenberg challenge with for 5 years, and his the same house where you began your political career.

It is freaking maddening that Obama has such blind support, especially from members of my own family. Nobody thinks that he's going to be, as President, the radical they know he's been. Sigh.

The greatest lie the devil ever told is making people believe he doesn't exist.

God help us.

Over and Out,


Wednesday, December 17, 2008


This past weekend, figuring it wasn't going to get any worse, I ended my months long hiatus on the bathroom and decided it was time to get cracking.

I spent all of Saturday retrofitting an old wall with new studs and creating a door frame and trim, not to mention figure out a tasteful way to add tile on a wall that's totally out of plumb.

This week I made a special trip to Lowes in search of a paneled solid pine door on clearance and, lo and behold! I found the (almost) perfect fit for my doorway. I needed a solid door to cut to size and was delighted when I discovered that I was able to get it for a fraction of the price. I mean, who wants to pay big bucks for a door?

The end to this project is ever seemingly more in sight with the passing of each milestone. Having a door on the bathroom feels like such a luxury. We also have a festive night light, which was given to us as a gift, that casts a neat red glow all over the place.

Watching this project finally come together is such a thrill. There are some things I would have done differently in retrospect now that I have the benefit of this experience, but hindsight is 20/20. For instance, in the long run it is far easier to build new walls, if possible, than to try and replumb old ones that are out of whack. In the latter scenario you are constantly battling "the line" and having to worry about staying straight in addition to all the normal stuff and that can be maddening and make it difficult to add in finishes.

So even though I haven't been updating as much on the blog as I would like, I've been updating things here at the house (as well as feeding my "Heroes" addiction.) And that's cool by me.

Merry Christmas.

Over and Out,


Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Mumbai in America? Preparing for the Inevitable.

I have long thought since 9-11 that if organized terrorists wanted, they could easily perpetrate a Mumbai-like event here in America. Our infrastructure is wide open and undefended. And even if there were guards everywhere armed with assault rifles, it doesn't mean a terrorist could not strike. It just means his capacity to destroy as many Americans as possible may be inhibited.

So what are we to do? The enemy we face is a shadow. They are essentially guerrillas, materializing when and where they choose to cause the most havoc and inflict the most damage.
Sometimes it's airplanes they use, sometimes suicide bombers, and now we are seeing coordinated sociopathic-suicide killing sprees like the ones in recent days in Mumbai.

Our strategy to exterminate terrorist breeding grounds abroad is not a poor one, but let's face it, we can't kill them all. We can kick ass militarily, but we do not have the resources to wipe out radical Islam short of a nuclear holocaust, and even then there's no guarrantee. There will always be a terrorist camp and breeding ground somewhere. There will always be another Jihadist, if history is any indicator.

And now we are hearing reports of a "likely" bio attack on US soil in the next five years and Iran with nukes during Obama's first year in office. China and Russia support Iran both tacitly and directly, not to mention other socialist enterprises. Our enemies are chomping at the bit to destroy us and our newly elected leader wants to decrease our military and increase the Peace Corps.

In a word, our Commander-in-Chief is not only asleep at the wheel, he is also blind to the threats against America.

But even if he weren't, the terrorists and their affiliates would still be hell-bent on destroying our nation, our culture and way of life. And that's what they intend to do. No government program can stop this, only determined individuals, with actions and prayers to God, honestly, have the capacity to maintain our way of life.

A terrorist can strike at any time, any where--I am surprised they haven't already.

So here are some things to remember in considering the enemy, and a likely, newly-formed attack:

  1. Remember that ultimately we can only stop what we can stop. If a massive bomb goes off in our cities or elsewhere, it's aim is not just to destroy as many people as possible, but our way of life too.
  2. In Mumbai, like elsewhere, the gunmen attacked where they thought the people would be sitting ducks. Even where there were armed guards, the guards were so scared they did nothing to fight back and stop the bloodletting.
  3. The terrorists are sociopaths, and will only stop when they are dead.

So essentially what I am saying is that you and I need to prepare ourselves against not only an attack against our person, but one against our way of life.

Some action items to seriously consider to take steps to protect yourself and be less of a victim:

  1. Own and carry a firearm. You and you alone are responsible for your persnonal protection and that of your family.
  2. Put together a bug-out bag for your car and other excursions.
  3. Take it from someone who knows, consider a bug-out location and create and stick to a plan of action in the event of a natural or man-made disaster. You don't want to end up living in a FEMA trailer, do you, or end at a Superdome?
  4. Go to confession.

If the fabric of our life begins to unravel, consider what you will do and where you and your family will go and how you would survive long-term. Most generations have not had it as good as ours in the US of A, but we are in danger of squandering it and losing it.

I don't want to be doom and gloom. But just because this post may seem paranoid doesn't mean there aren't people who are out to get you. It's better to be prepared and never need it, than to know better and be found wanting in the hour of need.

Over and Out,