Wednesday, December 31, 2008

I discovered a lot of drones in the Midwest

So me and the fam journeyed back to the Midwest this Christmas. It was a great trip and, overall, a great Christmas. We went to the local Cabela's and I hooked up with some serious ammo, a limbsaver deresonator for the rifle (reduces recoil and increases accuracy), and a new non-BPA Nalgene bottle. In all honesty, I made out like a bandit.

And before I continue to the main topic of my post, I just wanted to note that Cabela's has the best and most organized rifle ammo selection out there that I have seen in a big box store, unlike, unfortunately, Gander Mountain. Thank you Cabela's for keeping it real.

OK, so we go visit my family and it's like everyone drank the Koolaide...yes, Obama supporters.

So many people voted for Obama and don't know a damn thing about him, except that "he is definitely better than 8 years of Bush." No matter what, every Obama supporter I spoke with uttered this same piece of drivel, the same damn same thing, practically verbatim, as their final defense for why they support the O. It's pathetic. The liberal media has programmed its drones well.

Never mind that Obama thinks it's ok to throw babies in closet to die after a failed abortion, there is a lot of cooing over Obama amongst the public, just because the news media coos. If Hussein is in Hawaii with his shirt off, it's Camelot. If G.W. golfs with his father, it's dereliction of duty. There is just so much outrage over Bush, just because the liberal media is outraged.

WTF people? I don't agree with every decision Bush ever made, but I am not outraged, except by the bailout mania. Under Bush we had the most prosperous economy ever and no repeats of 9-11. He's had to make tough decisions as the leader of the free world and all he's gotten is a lot of spittle, at least when it comes to the liberal media. So, let me say it, hey liberal media, I've got 2 words for you: FU!

I know not every Obama supporter is of the glazed over type, but so many so easily turned a blind lie to the parade of lies and deceit on the campaign trail. I always challenge them with 20 years of Rev. Wright, and they say, "I don't believe everything my pastor says either." My response: except that racism is a fundamental tennet of black liberation theology. Unbelieveable.

But if W went to a white supremecist Church for a funeral, not that he would, it would be a international scandal. Yet Obama can sit in the pews of Rev. Wright for 20 years, say he didn't know what his pastor thought, and be exonerrated as a political hero.

"Ayers is just a guy in my neighborhood," was another big-time lie. Really? He was also the guy you sat on the Annenberg challenge with for 5 years, and his the same house where you began your political career.

It is freaking maddening that Obama has such blind support, especially from members of my own family. Nobody thinks that he's going to be, as President, the radical they know he's been. Sigh.

The greatest lie the devil ever told is making people believe he doesn't exist.

God help us.

Over and Out,



Anonymous said...

1) So, uhh, why is Obama a radical?

2) "Under Bush we had the most prosperous economy ever..."
Wow, that one just blows my mind.

Bridget said...

Excellent post, Nick-O! Excellent.

And who ever anonymous is, he really is a negative person. I enjoyed your post. And I really with I hadn't come across Anon again. Kinda ruins the effect of such a well thought out post. Sheesh, Anon. Happy New Year to you too.

Anyway, good stuff, Nick!

Nick-dog said...

Hi Anon:

Bush must really be your hot-button, man, cause you are probably the same anon who posted a while back on why the man is repugnant to you.

So if that's you, welcome back. Either way, here's some answers to your questions:

Yeah, under Bush, we have had the most prosperous economy ever (here in America.) If you go by the DOW, anyway. The graphs don't lie:

Why is Obama a radical?

1.) Voted thrice to allow survivors of a failed abortion to die in a closet, cold and alone.


2.) Voted against the PBA ban, something his pals in NARAL didn't even have the stomach to do.


3.)On guns, favors a renewal of the Clinton AWB, categorically opposes the right to concealed carry, and favors all-out handgun bans for certain localities.


4.)Called the U.S. Constitution "a charter of negative liberties." WTF is that???


5.) Sits in the pews of a racist anti-American church for 20 years, led by a Pastor who was the "spiritual advisor" to his presidential campaign until it was politically incorrect.


6.) Harvard grad.


(Just kidding. Sort of.)

7.) Favors raising taxes, allowing the Bush tax cuts to expire, a trillion in new spending, implementing New Deal #2, and starting state-run Universal Health Care.

Mostly, pretty radical.

8.) Said he will sit down with terrorists and "negotiate," (even though he didn't even have the stones to debate Sean Hannity).


9.) Favors restrictions on free speech, aka, "the Fairness Doctrine" (Censorship Doctrine).


10.) All his radical associations that he supposedly doesn't know and hasn't been influenced by...Ayers, Rezko, Khalidi, Doernhe, Pfleger, etc.

Downright Radical.

So that brings me to a question that every Obama voter should ask themselves: why can't I see Obama for the radical he really is?

(Or are you a radical, too?)

I don't think you are dumb, and you are probably not naive. I really don't know, because you are anonymous.

My guess: I think you want to believe in "hope" and "change."

My response? Find a new religion.

Best Regards,


Nick-dog said...

Thanks Bridge for your post.

I leave the comment section open for anyone to comment because I want discussion.

And if someone disagrees, I might learn something from them and vice versa.

It's really ok with me. Thanks for reading and posting, Bridge!


Anonymous said...

Hey, wandered over here from House Hatke. Cool blog!

I know what you mean about discovering that people you know drank the kool-aid. I discovered this past election season that I am one of only maybe four pro-lifers in my Catholic church's choir. It was so disheartening to watch a bunch of Catholic grandmas defend the so-called right to choose. And they all hated Sarah Palin, of course. How dare she believe that bringing a disabled baby into the world can bring love and joy instead of just regrettable suffering? I think they were rather baffled to hear a woman my age argue against their 1960s feminist outlook.

I think you are right that a lot of the Obama support is based in ignorance both of his policies and beliefs and of Bush's actual policies and beliefs. When the media becomes as blatantly partisan as it is now, it endagers democracy.

Elizabeth Butina

Nick-dog said...

Hi Elizabeth, thanks for posting and compliment!

I feel your pain. They drank the kool-aide. Definitely.

And you make an excellent point regarding the media's bias. The foundation of our representative democracy is threatened.


Bridget said...

Hey, Nick...

I understand what you mean about discussion. I hear ya. I just get irked by Anon sometimes! But I'll call off the dogs! Anyway, your insight is great on these troubling issues. Don't let the bastards grind you down! ;)

Nick-dog said...

Thanks Bridge!

I really appreciate the encouragement. I think it's hilarious you are calling off the dogs. LMAO.

A Happy New York New Year to Yah!


Bridget said...

Well, you know, it's your blog, afterall. I really shouldn't let other people's comments irk me so. I really enjoy reading your posts. You have quite the literary talent in ya! Keep up the good work!

Nick-dog said...

Thanks Bridge! No worries! You and anon can go at it if you wish. :)


Anonymous said...

Wow, didn't realize asking questions made one negative, Bridget...

Basing the prosperity of the economy on the DJI seems kind of strange. The last 10 years of 'growth' has been shown to be a farce.

As for why he is a radical. You seem to put up a bunch of things that are all over the political spectrum. I am guessing you are a labeling whatever you don't agree with as radical.

I don't want to bog you down with my questions, but how do you know he supports what you say he does support? I would figure wanting to negotiate with osama bin laden would get some media coverage!

I am also trying to figure out these radical associations you have pointed out. What makes these guys 'radicals' and why would they have any kind of say with Obama?

Nick-dog said...

Hey anon, good questions.

In answer to your first objection.
Let me just steal a line from Joe Biden and let me say, "Woah, woah, woah, slow down ol' buddy!"

During the whole economic slowdown, which I watched rather carefully, the DJIA was and remains the objective measure by which the economy is judged.

If you think the growth of the economy over the last 10 years is a farce, please suggest a different measure by which to judge the last 10 years, an objective one. I assure you, the people who have/had money in their pockets didn't think so.

But before you do suggest another measure to judge the economy, consider this: Right now the doom and gloom espoused by Obama, democrats and libs is based on the dow plummeting and, consequently, people in the stock market losing lots of money. Things like home sales, GDP, retail sales and so forth are and have been construed by the MSM to affect the market and used in speeches advocating "change" during the campaign.

So if this is the measure Obama and his minions are using to convince America for his so-called stimulus plan, why doesn't it work for you?

Just an honest question.

Nick-dog said...

Sorry for being so wordy in the last post. Editing this stuff in the box can be a pain.

I don't mind your questions. Fire away. Bog down or not.

So, to your second point...

Yes, I did put up a bunch of things all over the political spectrum to demonstrate that Obama is, in fact, a total radical on every issue I know of.

It sounds like you are a moral relativist, that you don't believe in a "radical." I mean, by any objective measure of truth, justice the American way, Obama is a radical. Most people just don't think Obama really hold those views, not that they aren't radical.

Anyway, I know Obama supports the things I listed because he has said them publicly one time or another. I can direct you to specifics if you wish. As for the spending and taxes, I would think the last two weeks of the debate swirling around his stimulus plan would be answer enough.

Osama is probably the only terrorist Obama says he's against. However, Obama doesn't even admit there is a warror on terror. Iran's govt, however, is a terrorist govt.

As for his associations. There's an old saying--"birds of the feather flock together." Gang bangers hang around other gang bangers. Intellectuals around other intellectuals.

This point seems pretty self-evident to me. He dodged every radical association he had during the campaign. Wright for example, was the "spiritual advisor" to his campaign until it was bad PR for Obama.

What part of rascist and anti-American doesn't offend you? This was Obama's spiritual mentor and friend for 20 years. Does that sit well with you?

He can disavow him all he wants after the fact, but if he had any real objection, he wouldn't have attended the Church in the first place.