Sunday, April 22, 2012

Do or Die

Sink or swim. Dominate or be defeated.

The Tuesday after Easter, I gave 3 weeks notice that I would be leaving work to pursue woodworking and grading as my full-time occupations.

I have been chomping at the bit to make the switch for some time. My boss, for the next week or so, is a nice guy, but he is also somewhat maddening to work for. The kinda person who schedules you to meet endlessly with new groups of people, to rehash and come to the conclusions you have already reached time and again. In addition to all my other responsibilities this new one of being accountable for others' recommendations and decisions, and then pretend to be happy about it, was probably the last thing I could endure.

I know I could have kept along to get along, but the door I had been waiting for finally opened. I got a phone call the Weds. before Easter, letting me know that there was an American History grading position open in Front Royal if I wanted it, one in which I could work from home. Are you kidding? The clouds had parted and a light from Heaven beamed upon me. F-yea..., I mean, Yes!

By Easter Monday, I had a solid part-time to possibly full-time gig, alongside my work at the wood shop. When I got the phone call I felt so much peace, I knew it was the right thing, and now I am finished with training for grading and prepping to go balls-to-the-wall on both fronts.  No more commuting for over an hour each way. No more worrying about D.C. blowing up while at work. No more bullshit, for the most part, unless it is self-induced.

I can deal with that.

The main consequences of my decision are peace, freedom, joy, energy, and hope. I have more energy and excitement than I have experienced in a long, long time. The security of a stable 9-5 ain't nothing, but there comes a time when you grow out of a position, where you know you need to make a move or risk becoming a mindless drone, living in a tolerable and comfortable rut.

Ruts and comfort, though, have never been my cup of tea.

For the first time since I exited college, I will be using my degree to obtain a living. I will continue as well to follow the path of woodworking. I can also now see a way forward to building a much-need addition to our house and finish the zillions of half-finished projects I have left for myself.

Raising my cup of tea to all those who read my blog. Pray for me that I may succeed, and I will in turn pray for you that you will never cease to kick ass in your life.

Over and Out,