Friday, July 29, 2011

Certain Doom

Well, it's official. The Republican majority leaders are cowards who have sold us down the river.

And now we are irrevocably screwed.

I've had my *mayday* moment. If there was a time to head to the hills, this should be it. Collapse is certain. My optimism about this nation's future has been wiped away by a hard, 200-proof dose of reality.

The establishment does not give a damn, and anything beyond this point will be too little too late.

Whether we look like Argentina or "The Road" at the end of this mess is anyone's guess.

For the prepared, it's a race against time and the tide has turned.

It's on.


Saturday, July 23, 2011

In Memoriam of Dr. Carroll

While I was attending Christendom (1997-2001), several guest speakers who came to the college were fond of saying that "we stand on the shoulders of giants."

Well, one of those giants is Dr. Warren H. Carroll.

During my time, few among the student body knew the man personally, and those that did may recall, not only his favorite sayings, but that he was a man one does not approach lightly. While he was generally very kind, he did not wish to be bothered with trifles. He set a tone, and unless you were of the bumbling stripe, you adhered to it.

Since his passing, much praise has been heaped on this man, and rightly so. Before Ex Corde Ecclesiae was ever issued, Dr. Carroll saw the desperate need to for renewal in authentic Catholic higher education, for a curriculum that would shape warriors to storm our apostate world with the sword of truth.

In addition to establishing a college that could rightfully be termed the "Westpoint of the Catholic Higher Education," Dr. Carroll researched and wrote profound historical narratives that today remain unmatched. With Robert Leckie's style of presentation and Daniel-Rops historical vision, Dr. Carroll did not hesitate to lay seige to modernity's false white towers as he pressed his historical narrative.

He remained fully engaged, ever focused and never wavering, until he could no more. For him there was no "debate." There is only the Truth, with a capital T, and that Truth is a divine person named Jesus, who will set you free.

Like many others, I was priveleged to have been a pupil of his. I traveled oversees to Spain with him and because of him to see and study the great monuments of Catholic history: the shrine at Fatima, Queen Isabels' birthplace at Madrigal de las Altas Torres, Philip II's unrivaled monastery-basilica-palace, El Escorial, the Valle de la Cruz, and the Alcazar of Toledo, among others.

Nothing inspired Dr. Carroll so much as the purity of purpose, faith, and heart of his personal heroes, those who rode the tide of history and turned it with their indefatigueable will. And now, thanks to him, in our lives, it is not likely that anyone will inspire us quite like Dr. Carroll, whose total impact, while felt, yet remains unquantifiable.

It may sound presumptuous to say that this man is in Heaven, but I daresay he is. What he built irrevocably changed my life for the good and did the same for thousands of others. Saints impact thousands, helping them to work out their salvation. This leads me to conclude, only by saying thus:

Dr. Carroll, pray for us!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011


Myself and a fellow prepper compared notes this past week at the range and beyond. Here are several insights I came to in the process:

1.) K.I.S.S. (Keep it simple stupid) -- when it comes to preparedness, the simpler, the better.

2.) Whatever you do, stay consistent. Be conscious about it, not laisez-faire. Create habits that work for you, not against you, such as carrying your knife in the same place every day. When you reach for it, it ought to be there.

3.) Properly prepare your EDC. EDC stands "for everyday carry." I was called out for my bullshit attempt at a first aid kit, which was prepared with the idea that "I will buy one soon" and somehow soon always gets put off. Don't make life harder by continuing to inconvenience yourself by lack of essential gear for daily life. What are you going to say when it hits the fan and you need __________? "Well, I was going to buy it soon..." Sorry pal. Game over. Next.

4.) Don't put off essentials. Why oh why do we do this? Whether it's your every day carry, or purchasing some other necessary tool for life, such as a gun or whatever else, don't put it off. Get off your ass and make it happen. Don't look to others to be prepared for you. Have your shit together. No one else can do this for you.

5.) In general, get off your ass. Man the f-up. Take charge of your situation. Don't go half-assed for more than a milli-second. Do or do not. Be or be not. Face reality and deal with it. Do not pretend you did. Face your own bullshit and deal with it. Be the role model you seek.

Whether it's daily life or a major SHTF, shit's natural trajectory is to head towards the fan. It's coming. Be ready. No one can fill your shoes but you.


Monday, July 11, 2011

Where We Are

As I write, I have just finished reading an article on how the major dollar store chains failed to meet their quarterly objectives, because the people who typically shop at those stores, are making less money (and so therefore have less to spend).

Have you noticed how more and more news articles and shows are using the words "depression" and "collapse" in their regular dialogue? Few people actually know what the hell is going on, but suffice to say we are in a new spiral of decline.

Perhaps Jim Rawles of says it best: we are in a new era of spikes, which will ultimately culminate in a economic derivatives collapse like we have never seen, taking the whole world's economy with it.

Not to be all doom and gloom, but I am in agreement with him when he says now is the time to take your money out of the market and place it into "tangibles," things that have value in the here and now to house, feed, or protect you and yours. Versuses, you know, say keeping your money in a nameless stock.

As I've said before, I am no economist. I am, however, pretty damn good at seeing "what is," and "what is" is a freight train heading in our direction that has the words "We're Screwed" written on the front of it in neon yellow.

But before it hits and skids off the tracks, I will join my fellow sheep and pretend that this was all so very unexpected and unfortunate, and build another AR when no one's looking.

Best to you all.