Tuesday, July 19, 2011


Myself and a fellow prepper compared notes this past week at the range and beyond. Here are several insights I came to in the process:

1.) K.I.S.S. (Keep it simple stupid) -- when it comes to preparedness, the simpler, the better.

2.) Whatever you do, stay consistent. Be conscious about it, not laisez-faire. Create habits that work for you, not against you, such as carrying your knife in the same place every day. When you reach for it, it ought to be there.

3.) Properly prepare your EDC. EDC stands "for everyday carry." I was called out for my bullshit attempt at a first aid kit, which was prepared with the idea that "I will buy one soon" and somehow soon always gets put off. Don't make life harder by continuing to inconvenience yourself by lack of essential gear for daily life. What are you going to say when it hits the fan and you need __________? "Well, I was going to buy it soon..." Sorry pal. Game over. Next.

4.) Don't put off essentials. Why oh why do we do this? Whether it's your every day carry, or purchasing some other necessary tool for life, such as a gun or whatever else, don't put it off. Get off your ass and make it happen. Don't look to others to be prepared for you. Have your shit together. No one else can do this for you.

5.) In general, get off your ass. Man the f-up. Take charge of your situation. Don't go half-assed for more than a milli-second. Do or do not. Be or be not. Face reality and deal with it. Do not pretend you did. Face your own bullshit and deal with it. Be the role model you seek.

Whether it's daily life or a major SHTF, shit's natural trajectory is to head towards the fan. It's coming. Be ready. No one can fill your shoes but you.



Martin Schap said...

Word. I was inspired by my recent travels to improve my EDC, my BOE and my vehicle loadout. It is a process, to be sure.

Nick-dog said...

Rock on. By the looks of it, you are well on your way, notwithstanding all the tweaking that goes on in that process.

Peace Bro, --Nick-Dog