Friday, January 24, 2014

The Endgame & 'Contact' Review

I know, you've been waiting for more from me about the proverbial substance hitting the oscillating mechanism. But don't you worry, friend(s)! The wait is over!

What lies in store for this nation is a shit-show of epic proportions.


As is my wont, I've mulled of late the numerous expostulations made by those in the preparations community, as well as contemplated my own assumptions about the road ahead. I have tried to square them with what I know about reality, history, and human nature. And that is what led me to pick up the book Contact by Max Velocity.

Contact is a book that goes over what a civilian needs to know about security for life after 'the event.' It is a 500+ page distillation and rumination of his personal experience and training in Special Forces and the mindset and approach that will be necessary to survive in a WROL scenario.

Like Max, mad or not, I have come to the conclusion that:

A.) There will be an event (or more than one) that causes a systemic breakdown of our way of life, leading to lawlessness, chaos, anarchy, death, and potentially tyranny. For those that want to think that this is strictly the realm of fantasy or that things would not be that bad, I would respectfully ask you to:

a.) Look elsewhere at what is happening in the world;
b.) Read your Bible;
c.) Study History;
d.) Consider the many threats facing this nation
e) Ask yourself, “What makes us so special?”

As an historian, the answers I found for myself are painfully obvious and disturbing. The shit is coming. We are in it now. As things pick up, it will hit all of us. It's now up to us how we are going to be when it all goes down. Perhaps the world will not end, but be assured, ours will!

Haha! Depressed yet? Don't be. The endgame is summed up well in Max's book.

Survive the opening series of events by staying out of the chaos and keeping a low profile as much as possible. Eventually, in the new normal, it will be necessary to maintain security. And it will also be necessary for a community to provide food for itself, especially as reserves elsewhere run thin.

So you see, survivability, post-event, will depend on one's community's ability to do both and do each well. You can't be isolated forever, which is one of the main things that need to be seriously contemplated. At some point, you will make contact with the bad guys and you need to know how to respond before things go down.

And at this stage of the game, I agree with this above conclusion. I also like Max's no-nonsense approach to security and what you need to know. Much of the book are posts from his blog re-organized to make sense of or extrapolate on the first edition. I don't mind. It's good to have everything in one hand and go from there. His book is essential reading regarding tactics. His blog is solid as wel, IMO.

No secret squirrel BS. Just proven techniques and reflections to keep one alive.
So what I am getting at is this: while we continue to pay our mortgages and do the normal every day life thing, we should also be realistically thinking about how we will actually be after normalcy takes a snooze and goes into hibernation. If you are honest, I believe, you will realize that security and learning how to provide food for yourself will be of the utmost importance. I think Max's book will be of sound assistance, or at least offer some excellent clarification and reflection about that which one may already know.

For my part, I've talked a lot about this shit over the past several years. There will be no more discussion of this on this blog. None. You all know what I think, I think. I am now seriously telling everyone who might believe in self-preservation what they should do and how bad I think it will actually be.

Talk is cheap, however. What counts is action.

Take each for what they are worth.

Over & Out,


Saturday, January 11, 2014

10 Random Thoughts

1.) I've gone back to drinking tea (instead of coffee), almost entirely. Mostly green. I can't believe how mellow and good this makes me feel. My wife was shocked with my mellowness the first day. I didn't notice until she did. t's pretty awesome. I still like coffee but not how it makes me feel.

2.) Found out I am pretty much type-ii diabetic over the holiday. Lots of new lifestyle choices ahead. Beating this naturally is my goal. I think I can do it if I stay the course.

3.)  Looking to build some new outdoor infrastructure over the year, specifically a cover for all my firewood. I think I will pay to have a fence built along our road frontage.

4.) I love my new job. It's pretty much the complete jam. If it continues like this, I don't think I will ever leave.

5.) The pipes froze in our house for the first time since we've lived here. Even though it was during the recent extreme cold snap, I was still surprised.

6.) Very impressed with my shit-box little Toyota. It's zippy and gets crazy MPG. It costs me like 20 bucks to use it to commute for 2 weeks. Thanks FIL!

7.) I fear gardening. The level of commitment and the still the possibility of failure.

8.) This year I am making it a point to connect more often with several of the locals who share some of the same ideas I do. I've been an island for too long. I hope to have the wherewithal to do that freely.

9.) I am looking to plan my main adventures for the year by the end of February, noting things I'd like to accomplish.

10.) I can watch the Hawks now on the NHL channel on our new ROKU. It's totally sweet!

Over & Out,