Thursday, December 20, 2012

A Needs Re-Assessment

So a lot has been happening in my world this past month or so.

First off, we refinanced our house. Somehow this all worked out. My closing costs were reduced, payments diffured, and mortgage lowered. Meanwhile, space was created to handle and take care of other needs.

I've also discovered Dave Canterbury's YouTube videos on Bushcraft. They are enjoyable and informative. Dave is a no-nonsense guy who has lots to teach regarding passing on "the tribal knowledge." All I am going to say, is that I've drunk from the same font of koolaid he has and seek to imitate the wisdom.

Here's the thing. We live in a cushy-ass society that is about to get--and is getting--its ass handed to it in a 1000 different ways. I don't see a drawback in brushing up and improving on my primitive survival skills. Learning how to sew passably, trapping, butchering, and 1000 different ways to start fires are my immediate short term goals for skills I need to add my repetoir.

And it's not that I am waiting for society to break down, which it is already doing, I just feel like living primitively is more real. It's how people have lived for 1000s of years. Not that I dislike my modern plumbing, refrigeration, electrical, and wireless amenities. No. It's not that. It just that providing for yourself, "going back to nature" if you will, is actually very humanizing. While the world continues to push towards "progress," regress sounds even more appealing.

In a recent conversation with my lovely wife, I told her "I almost would not know what to do with 2 million dollars sometimes." (Actually that's not really true, I do know what I'd do with the money--go buy a 4-Door Cummins Diesel, go out to a fabulous dinner, pay off my house and other bills, thank God, bounce off the walls, and then go on a cross country vacation in my new rig w/ camper with my family and visit the Schaps.)

All that said, at the end of the day, a perfect day for me is spent in front of the woodstove/fireplace with family, close friends, and possibly a book. Millions or not. That is why I exist beyond promoting the kingdom of God and such. I don't need more than that and will continue to build my life around this kernel philosophy.

Unless I win 2 million dollars.

Over & Out,