Sunday, June 28, 2009

50 yards

Fun with the .22

Below this post is some gun talk, above are some pics from this Sunday afternoon. I bought a .22 LR at a pawn shop, taught Clare to shoot it, and her dad joined in on the fun. I got some video too, which will be up in time. Enjoy!

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Screw the Jar!

Well, this weekend, after visiting Front Royal's new trendy farmers' market on Main Street, I decided to check out the pawn shop across the way for a cheap .22 LR. When I saw the solid looking Marlin Model 80 for $75 (sans clip--I'll have to order one) I couldn't pass on the deal. It just felt right, and that's all I needed to know.

This means I'll have to pass on my allowance for a little while, but so many shooters and homesteaders believe that this handy gun is an essential piece of equipment for everyday country living, I couldn't miss the opportunity to purchase the little Marlin.

After cleaning the gun and firing plenty of rounds, I was feeling strong and decided to bring out my Remington 700 SPS chambered in .300 WSM for the first time. After shooting the .22, the SPS felt like a cannon. After the first shot, I learned real fast that this weapon is presently well-beyond my abilities as a shooter. I now have major respect for large caliber weaponry.

That being said, a whole new world of shooting has opened up for me with that gun, albeit an expensive world. Until I mount a decent scope on it, I will hold off on firing it. It's $2.00 a round for the .300 WSM. For $6, I can purchase 100 rounds of .22 LR, which makes the .22 even more exciting to fire. That, and it's less like to piss off the neighbors.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Early to Rise

I've been up at the crack of dawn several days this week, energetic and ready to go. Even though it's Saturday, the same is true this morning. I guess I have to get some things update my blog. LOL.

This week has been a good week. I am nearing completion of building a new school office for the church. The task is actually rather simple, except that I am often regularly interrupted. There is a certain amount of necessary discussion that accompanies every renovation project, but it goes over the top because it's summer and everyone wants to escape from their office job and see what I'm doing.

Remarkably. we've made lots of progress. Next week will see the installation of new tile in spots, a secretary sliding glass, cabinets and a sink, cove base, and everything else I can get done. I am really, really looking forward to the end of this project. When it's done it will be one very large item off my plate and perhaps I won't feel like I have to wake up at 4AM anymore.

I carried concealed all week. It was great! I mean really, just fantastic. I found the sweet spot on my hip for the holster to just disappear and not even be noticed while driving the Mustang. The Jeep is another story, but since the Mustang is what I drive the most, I consider it a victory. My next gun-related purchase will be the TLR-1 Streamlight. Time to save.

My new method of buying toys--stuff I want but can't prove I necessarily need--is to deposit my allowance and spare change in a large jar and wait until I have enough money to purchase the item. This method, simple as it is, has focused my purchases and has worked rather well in my case. Do I get this or that? No, the JAR must have it! And so it goes from there.

Believe it or not, it's already high time to gather firewood for the winter. I have about a face cord of oak and maple so far, but I am going to need about 6 times that--3 full cords--for the winter, if not more. I plan on heating as much as we can with wood. The furnace sucks propane like no tomorrow, and propane is ass-expensive around here.

So that's it for now. The allowance goes to the money jar and there is much work to be done around the house this weekend. My plan was to rip up the sink and counter area. I'd like to get that done, but it may go on quasi-hold because I am now more interested in the idea of picking up a specific counter I saw at Ikea yesterday that I think would match perfectly the decor and motif of our kitchen, in addition to not breaking the bank.

More later. The pic above is from 24: Season 4 for good measure, and it's non-stop kick ass.

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Saturday, June 20, 2009

The Making of a Mall Ninja

It's Sat afternoon, and I am flying solo here at the house with Anastasia. It's been a low key day. Almost a little too low key, but I am getting stuff done to try and keep this place a well-oiled operation. :-)

I have a lot to say. Pardon my rambling. I am prone to get lengthy.

I just received my Phantom Concealment Holster from RCS. It's a little less glitzy than I was expecting but it makes carrying concealed far easier. I can go outerwaist band in an untucked tee-shirt with a full size Glock and I don't print unless I am turning. Impressive. The nice thing about this holster is that I got it set up for a tactical light (TLR-1) attached to the gun, but I can still use the holster if there is no tac light attached, which is a good thing, since I still need to buy one.

I still have problems in the car fitting into the seat without the holster digging into my side. I will work on adjusting it, but I wonder how helpful that will be. The Phantom is definitely a big step up from my Fobus(ted) Roto holster, but the 50 day wait was long and painful. I might go with Comp-tac next time around or a CrossBreed hybrid. All these guys make a fine holster and have a good reputation. I just don't want to wait forever and a half for the product. I suppose that sometimes that's the price of excellence

I will let you know how the Phantom ends up working out with pics. All in all, it's a really sweet holster.

I've decided to stick with 9mm. I was going to purchase another G17 to have on hand for SHTF, but since Glock came out with the RTF frames (rough textured finish), I am reconsidering this move. It's not like I have the money anyhow, but there's always financing via Budsgunshop. That would mean my allowance goes to pay for a gun each month but it might be worth it for the CZ SP-o1 Phantom I mentioned a while back. I love most CZs I've handled and the Phantom makes me drool. I probably shouldn't think about this, but I am. It'd be a hard fight every morning to decide what to carry, but at least I'd be well set-up for a mall ninja.

All this means I would hold off indefinitely on the .357 Sig caliber and just hang with 9mm. Frankly, after checking out the larger calibers in the store, going with a lighter model makes a lot of sense to me, especially given the ammo shortage from hell. I was able to pick up a box of plinking ammo at Walmart last week, but still. Unless your shooting .22, .270 or 7mm, you're just outta luck.

Ok, switching gears here...

Without really thinking about it, I have been sporadically training in earnest the karate I learned years ago. Okinawan Goju Ryu to be exact. Watching some videos on youtube of Morio Higoanna helped with this inspiration. Pretty damn inpressive at 69 years old.

I have met him in person several times and received my shodan under him years ago. He was amazing then, but now he is purely phenomonal. He is so humble. If you met him person, you would never know he was a martial artist, let alone a 10th Dan. When I shook his hand, it was light as a feather. I'll never forget that for as long as I live.

I think now that I am 30 I appreciate more than ever the value of my hard training in the karate dojo. The art, as preserved via the IOGKF, is still practiced today more or less the same way it was practiced 100 years ago, except that the teaching is more open (as in available) than ever. This means that all the traditional ways of doing things, the odd, traditional training tools, are still used. It's a lot of fun and a cultural treasure.

Things at the house are going well. I am making progress slowly but surely. It's hard to carry on daily life and renovate at the same time. Speaking of which, duty calls. It's time also past time to start stacking firewood. I cut some up this morning, but then the rain came, putting the kabosh to my early morning productivity.

That's it for now. Drink tea and kick ass.

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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Season 3: Hit and Miss

Just a few short words about Season 3. It was good. Not as good as I was hoping, not as good as the excellence that was Season 2, but it was good.

The first part of the season, IMO, was shaky in terms of the storyline. It was a bit too imaginative, remaining entertaining because watching Bauer blow stuff up is always fun. Much of the season's first half requires a heavy suspension of disbelief so you can play along. Part of me wonders if that's what the writers want, you know, to let you know that hey, this is Hollywood after all. You're not supposed to take 24 that seriously.

You're not?!

The second half was vastly superior to the first half, much like a good book you can't put down. The story goes some places that were a bit of a distraction from all the action, but the juice factor stays high throughout, just like the entirety of Season 2.

In case you're wondering, that's Jack suiting up with a Remington 870 at the beginning of the Season. A nice gun for handling scum.

Peace Out yo's,


Sunday, June 07, 2009

Neighborhood Happenings

Yesterday, I was changing the oil at about 10:30 AM when I heard what sounded like a large piece of lumber being slammed down on some other lumber. I also thought it could have been a gun, but since gun shots are fairly common around here, I didn't think it was too big a deal.

Then I heard it again. And as it turns out, it was a bit of a "big deal."

Later that day, I found out from my excited neighbor next door that he found a bobcat trying to get into their chicken coup. He keeps a .22 above the door (and advises me to do the same) for neighborhood varmints and the like. He thought it was just a local cat, and was just going to scare it away, until it jumped off the roof of his chicken coup. That's when he realized, "Oh, damn. That's a bobcat."

The irony is at about that time, lots of people were outside, moreso today, tending their yard, folding laundry, etc. Clare and Anastasia were in the back. The neighbor's wife was out smoking a cigarette, watching what she thought was a cat lick up water from a puddle near one of their structures. In a word, it wasn't exactly prime time for a predator to be out and about, or something most people would anticipate, especially so close to human activity.

Anyway, he capped it once, and then again while I worked on my Jeep. I didn't see it but it's at the taxidermist. For me, it's another reason to carry regularly, even in the yard, and to have a .22 above the back door. That was one varmint too close for comfort.

We had a couple of houses in the vicinity get purchased. We are still wondering if the occupants will ever move in. At the farmhouse down the road, I saw the new owners--a man, wife, and little girl--hanging around the house. Maryland tags were on the car.

That first night, apparently, they were outside when their redneck good ol' boy neighbor spotted a racoon in a tree. A raucus ensued when the redneck--nothing pejorative intended here--brought out a long gun and shot him out of the tree. Those Maryland people fled like hell back into their house.

My thoughts: welcome to the neighborhood.

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Saturday, June 06, 2009

Ikea Canopy Bed

If you are local to the D.C. Metro area and are looking for a Queen size canopy bed in dark brown, let me know. I have pics here.

I am asking $175 and have this item posted up on We'd keep it, except that our space is too small to accommodate it.

Please let me get this thing off my porch! Thanks!

Over and Out,