Saturday, June 27, 2009

Early to Rise

I've been up at the crack of dawn several days this week, energetic and ready to go. Even though it's Saturday, the same is true this morning. I guess I have to get some things update my blog. LOL.

This week has been a good week. I am nearing completion of building a new school office for the church. The task is actually rather simple, except that I am often regularly interrupted. There is a certain amount of necessary discussion that accompanies every renovation project, but it goes over the top because it's summer and everyone wants to escape from their office job and see what I'm doing.

Remarkably. we've made lots of progress. Next week will see the installation of new tile in spots, a secretary sliding glass, cabinets and a sink, cove base, and everything else I can get done. I am really, really looking forward to the end of this project. When it's done it will be one very large item off my plate and perhaps I won't feel like I have to wake up at 4AM anymore.

I carried concealed all week. It was great! I mean really, just fantastic. I found the sweet spot on my hip for the holster to just disappear and not even be noticed while driving the Mustang. The Jeep is another story, but since the Mustang is what I drive the most, I consider it a victory. My next gun-related purchase will be the TLR-1 Streamlight. Time to save.

My new method of buying toys--stuff I want but can't prove I necessarily need--is to deposit my allowance and spare change in a large jar and wait until I have enough money to purchase the item. This method, simple as it is, has focused my purchases and has worked rather well in my case. Do I get this or that? No, the JAR must have it! And so it goes from there.

Believe it or not, it's already high time to gather firewood for the winter. I have about a face cord of oak and maple so far, but I am going to need about 6 times that--3 full cords--for the winter, if not more. I plan on heating as much as we can with wood. The furnace sucks propane like no tomorrow, and propane is ass-expensive around here.

So that's it for now. The allowance goes to the money jar and there is much work to be done around the house this weekend. My plan was to rip up the sink and counter area. I'd like to get that done, but it may go on quasi-hold because I am now more interested in the idea of picking up a specific counter I saw at Ikea yesterday that I think would match perfectly the decor and motif of our kitchen, in addition to not breaking the bank.

More later. The pic above is from 24: Season 4 for good measure, and it's non-stop kick ass.

Over and Out.


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