Sunday, June 07, 2009

Neighborhood Happenings

Yesterday, I was changing the oil at about 10:30 AM when I heard what sounded like a large piece of lumber being slammed down on some other lumber. I also thought it could have been a gun, but since gun shots are fairly common around here, I didn't think it was too big a deal.

Then I heard it again. And as it turns out, it was a bit of a "big deal."

Later that day, I found out from my excited neighbor next door that he found a bobcat trying to get into their chicken coup. He keeps a .22 above the door (and advises me to do the same) for neighborhood varmints and the like. He thought it was just a local cat, and was just going to scare it away, until it jumped off the roof of his chicken coup. That's when he realized, "Oh, damn. That's a bobcat."

The irony is at about that time, lots of people were outside, moreso today, tending their yard, folding laundry, etc. Clare and Anastasia were in the back. The neighbor's wife was out smoking a cigarette, watching what she thought was a cat lick up water from a puddle near one of their structures. In a word, it wasn't exactly prime time for a predator to be out and about, or something most people would anticipate, especially so close to human activity.

Anyway, he capped it once, and then again while I worked on my Jeep. I didn't see it but it's at the taxidermist. For me, it's another reason to carry regularly, even in the yard, and to have a .22 above the back door. That was one varmint too close for comfort.

We had a couple of houses in the vicinity get purchased. We are still wondering if the occupants will ever move in. At the farmhouse down the road, I saw the new owners--a man, wife, and little girl--hanging around the house. Maryland tags were on the car.

That first night, apparently, they were outside when their redneck good ol' boy neighbor spotted a racoon in a tree. A raucus ensued when the redneck--nothing pejorative intended here--brought out a long gun and shot him out of the tree. Those Maryland people fled like hell back into their house.

My thoughts: welcome to the neighborhood.

Over and Out,



Martin Schap said...

That's pretty funny about the new folks. The .22 rifle should be an integral part of any gun collection. Besides being very cheap to shoot, it is just a very useful caliber to have around, as this post demonstrates.

Nick-dog said...

Yes, I had a great laugh at their expense. They still haven't been back. I am wondering if they're having second thoughts.

I am convinced now that I should follow my neighbor's lead and keep a .22 above the back door. When
every second counts, your varmint gun needs to be ready to rock.

Any recommendations on a solid brand that will get the job done?


Bridget said...

"Welcome to the neighborhood."


Jason told me about your post before I read it, and he was laughing about it too!


I'd love to hear updates about if the Maryland neighbors come back and if you have met them! Too freaking funny!

Martin Schap said...

I have a Rossi 62c and it is a great little gun if you can find one. Taurus kept making them for a few years after buying Rossi, but stopped a couple of years ago. It is a copy of the Winchester 62. If I was buying a .22 today it would be a Ruger 10/22 with the 18" stainless barrel and probably the plastic stock. You can shoot the Rossi when you come out, but the carbine version might be a little small for a guy your size. Even to me it is a bit on the small size. Short barrel in a .22 is key though. I would not have one over 18" because the round will start losing velocity after about 16" due to the tiny amount of powder it uses.

Nick-dog said...

Yeah, Bridge. It was really hilarious to hear my neighbor tell us that story. It's nice not being the newest newbie on the block anymore.

Sounds cool Martin. Thanks for the advice. I will keep my eye out for the Rossi and 10/22.

In other good news, my new Phantom Holster from RCS is going to ship this week. And I also found out that in addition to fitting a G17, the holster can carry a G22 or G31, the latter being the next type of Glock I am going to buy.

So many guns. Too little money. I wish I bought all this stuff years ago.

Peace out my friends!


Ry Guy said...

You casually used the word "varmints" in a sentence so you're officially a redneck now.

Nick-dog said...

Possibly. "Varmint" is actually a common word in gun-speak for guns that are designed for varmints. I didn't know this until I started visiting Gander Mountain regularly.

Which, I guess, might prove your original point.