Sunday, January 04, 2009

Bullet Points

Clare pretty much hit on the head that she could write a whole book about our trip to Chicago, let alone the rest of my break from work. Here are the highlights in quasi-bullet form.

Some of you may recognize the shot gun in the picture as the gift you gave me for my wedding--my personal favorite, I might add--except that it may look a bit shorter to you. Well, if you thought so, you'd be right. I purchased an 18.5 inch barrel from the factory, which installed easily in about a minute. It took more time to unwrap the thing. I tested it at about 20 yards and the Maverick performed flawlessly. If anything, the gun is now even more fun to fire.

Clare and I went up to the National Gallery of Art to check out the Pompeii exhibit. Pretty damn cool, if I may say so myself. In a word, the exhibit featured artifacts from the ancient homes of the rich and famous. Detail on the bronze work was incredible, and of course the sculptures are were astounding. A couple of my favorite pieces included a 1st century B.C. mosaic of Plato instructing his disciples and 2 griffon carved marble pedastals for a table. Also featured, was the head of Nero and Julius Caesar, which, for the historian, adds a fascinating new element to one's historical vision.

I spent most of my time at home chilling out--maybe zoning out is a better choice of words--after our week-long enduro in Chicagoland. We had a great Christmas and fabulous trip. I think much of that is due to our highly organized schedule. Specific highlights included a trip to Commander for one of the best skillet breakfasts I've had in my entire life, a trip to Intelligensia on Broadway downtown, and trekking across the snowy wasteland of Lincoln Park in our quest for the Polar Bear that decided not be there. I could easily get used to living on the North Side for part of the year and in Virginia for the rest of it, I think, if I was happily and independently wealthy.

My new year's reflections are many and multifarious. What the hell does that mean, you ask? I don't really know, except that this year will mark my 30th B-Day. Holy cow. 30. The big 3-0. It's hard to think I am going to be done with my roaring 20s and be 30. For starters, it's a big wake up call for me. A reminder, to not let life pass me buy but to make the most of my talents and treasure in this time on earth. Secondly, it's also a call to gratitude. I am entirely grateful for my family, faith , and friends. True riches in this life are things we cannot buy, unless, of course, your talking about guns. LOL.

And finally, it's a call to reflect, to take a hard look at ourselves, at our goals, attitudes and accomplishments, at who we've become and are becoming. I thought I would have saved the world by now, but apparently that's going to take some more time.

So there you have it, the first Update of '09. Don't less this year pass you by without kicking it's ass! Don't let up. Don't give up. There's only one way to win, and that's with determination. Second place is the first loser and you haven't lost until you are dead, or until you decide to give up in whatever it may be.

So fight! FIGHT! Rise up and kick some ass and take this year by storm!!!!

Over and Out,



Bridget said...

I am now officially pumped and inspired!

Nick-dog said...

Excellent! Now I have succeeded!!!!

And thank you for your frequent contributions to the Blog!


Ben Hatke said...

I'm glad to hear the Pompeii exhibit was good. We've been planning to go visit that ourselves. Museum day in DC is long overdue!