Friday, January 30, 2009


It has been a while, but hopefully this quick ramble finds you well and distracts you pleasantly for a minute or two.

I just finished re-reading The Hobbit. I haven't read it in years. I was home for two days from work and really just couldn't put it down. I had begun reading another fantasy work, but began getting frustrated because, like so much fantasy out there, it suffers from the same personal and moral failings as the author. Hence, I turned to the classic Tolkien to remedy the situation and was not disappointed, not in the least bit.

The new tea order from Upton is in! Ah yes. I picked up a 2008 first flush of the Arya Estate Darjeeling and a tea from Nepal, which is presently brewing. The former is excellent and came highly recommended from my friend out west and fellow tea enthusiast, Jason B. The latter smells awesome and so different from other teas. Since college, I have striven to sample and explore teas from Nepal. I like teas from the region because they are grown at altitude in the Himalayas and are so unique and distinct in their flavor. This latest, which I am now sipping, is fantastic.

I purchased a new stock shotshell carrier from Cabela's for the shotgun. It looks and works prime. Honestly, it dresses up the shotgun and makes it a bit more practical. I need to mount the gun now in an accessible though inconspicuous place, and I need to pick up a safe for the pistol. Guns are an expensive hobby, but when I pump the shotgun or rack the slide, it brings a smile to my lips.

Yesterday, I had a prime Jeep moment. I needed to get out of my yard to work because the Mustang was stuck. No sooner than I threw her in 4 wheel low, and hit the throttle than I was gripping like a fiend and juking up and over a snow/ice covered hill in the yard. The thing is awesome and bad-ass to drive.

Obama's new administration continues the suckfest unabated since day one. If it wasn't for conservative talk radio, I'd feel so frustrated with the socialist actions of our government. I am so glad I do not own a TV. Like so many other possessions, it ends up owning you.

That's it for now. Time to get a move on. Until next time.

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