Saturday, May 16, 2009

Marques de Borba at 30

I finally opened it. After about 8 years of me aging it personally, I took the advice of Parker, the famous wine connossuier, and gave it a try. The results were phenomonal, delectable, and exceeding all expectations.

Back in 2001, I dissipated my income on expensive wines, cigars, and other luxuries. I should have purchased firearms too, but that's another story.

Anyway, the best wine I got into at the time was a cabernet from an up and coming vineyard out of Southern Portugal, called, "Marques de Borba." All in all, I purchased about 7-8 bottles, enjoying most of them after hours with friends and a cigar while working at RMA. Yeah, it was a while ago.

The wine was rated in the 90s (out of a possible 100) by Parker of the Wine Spectator. He's famous for his nose and capacity to remember wines by name that he tasted 10 years ago. He recommended that the Borba wine would age to perfection in 8-10 years. My bottle was a 1999, so into the liquor cupboard it went.

I have carried this bottle with me everywhere I've lived and been, wondering always when my mind wandered to it, about how it would taste come de-corking time, dreaming that it would either be excellent beyond belief or that it would suck because the cork had failed, pure and simple. Fortunately, the experience has been the former.

After 10 years, the Marques de Borba has incredible depth and, if chilled, unfathomable vibrance. The wines velvety texture reveals prominent notes of blackberry with noticeable hints of cardamom. The result is a potion that fosters serious, deep contemplation at the merest sip.

I cannot extol the virtues of Borba enough. The right time to imbibe ended up being the occasion of my 30th birthday, by far one of the coolest gifts I've given myself over the years for my birthday.

Now I need to find a wine to age for my 40th b-day. Peace out homies. Don't drink and drive.



Ben Hatke said...

Oh Man, that snuck up on me.

Happy 30, Nick!

Here's a link to my 30-year-old-batman picture:

Martin Schap said...

I didn't know you were a wino.

Nick-dog said...

Ben--Thanks man. That was a great post! Thanks for posting up the link. I like your conclusion at the end.

I've had a lot of thoughts about 30, which I will blog on soon.

Martin--LOL. Key emphasis on the past tense. At present, my go-to wine is 3-buck chuck from Trader Joes. And Virginia wines, of course, if the budget allows

I am still laughing about your comment.