Monday, February 23, 2009

To Carry or Not to Carry...

LOL. I laughed so hard I almost cried when I saw this--it's one of the absolute funniest things I've seen in a long time.

Personally, I believe that carrying a sidearm at all times is a good thing, even while at home. From the very beginning, the Monday Update was started with the main goal of inspiring others to increase and maintain their situational awareness (SA), to avoid becoming a victim of unfortunate circumstance and others' haplessness. A mantra of this writer is a maxim from a great strategist whose name presently escapes me: "The great general is not one who wins a hundred battles, but avoids a thousand."

Criminals don't wait until you are perfectly comfortable to perpertrate a crime--they want you in the hurt locker, totally vulnerable or absent. But, ironically, I also have concerns about carrying a pistol in my house with children there, the very ones I am there to protect and shield from any danger. I wish my dad carried when I was a kid. My uncle did. When we were all in the middle of BFE Minnesota on a fishing trip in the Boundary Waters near Canada, I only really felt safe because I knew my Uncle Butch was packing heat.
As a kid, I considered it bad ass to see a respected adult carry a sidearm and did not question the decision. I'd want to emulate it in due time. Yet as an adult in today's world, it seems so taboo to carry, openly or concealed, especially with family around.
Two weeks ago, Clare and I visited her friend's house in PA. Her husband, Jason, is a state trooper and Iraq vet. He's a devout Christian and ultra-responsible. When I asked if he carried off-duty his response said it all: "Everywhere."
We need more responsible men in our society who will not stand for criticizism from those who advocate being the next unarmed victim of a violent crime. If your house is suddenly besieged by 4 armed thugs, you need to be respond in seconds--your critics will not be there to protect you. To quote a recurring maxim of MadOgre, "Pacifism is a privilege of the protected."
Before I close, let me say this: Most normal victims believe before a crime that it "couldn't happen to them," that crimes are something that "happen to other people." Don't let that person be you.
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Clare said...

why all the fear mongering? lol all your readers better read my happy, crafty, family-friendly blog so they don't get scared.

Martin Schap said...

I'm not scared when I have my weapon nearby. I went pistol shopping again yesterday. The right piece is out there, and I will find it shortly. There is actually a bill stuck in committee to allow employees of colleges and schools here in IN carry at work, but until then I will just carry everwhere else. Annie and I were just discussing the other day the importance of carrying in soft targets like churches.

Nick-dog said...

Amen brother. It is important to carry everywhere. That is definitely a good conversation to have.

Clare is cool with me carrying despite my 'fearmongering'. I just took the class for the CCH. I will be submitting my documentation and permit fee soon.

Good luck on the pistol choice. Are you still looking for a revolver, or have you decided to go a different way?

Thanks for posting, Martin! Great to have you here.

Nick-dog said...

Yes, please check out my wife's happy blog, especially if I depress you.