Sunday, March 01, 2009

Sunday Morning Thoughts

It's a typical weekend morning here at the homestead. I'm up early, the tea is brewing, the wood stove is burning, and I am surfing. After our brief dalliance with 60 degree weather, I am definitely ready for Spring to come. Instead, for March 1st, we have about an inch of snow. I guess I just didn't wish hard enough.

We are embarking on a few new projects. We are replacing our dated, non-matching white kitchen handles with iron twigs. I am buying a couple every 2 weeks to keep the cost of the investment painless. Two are up already, and they are making a big difference. In general, the kitchen's style is that of the wood elf, which is what I like, really. And I am happy to say we are moving more in that direction with the new hardware.

Some might be tempted to call our kitchen "Hobbitish." If they mean, "as in from the book," I would agree, but it is not so lavish as to be compared with Bag-End.

We are making preparations for a "victory garden." I mean, an organic, heirloom garden. We will also work on cultivating our fruit bearing trees and plant a few new ones, as well as rescue our honeysuckle-attacked raspberry and blackberry bushes. This last is a daunting task, as the previous garden has been nearly overtaken.

The other side of our yard work, is to add some new landscaping. I am thinking crepe myrtles and pampas grass near our house for starters. Our cottage is a mix of so many styles, the outside being that of a mountain beach house. I am taking my inspiration from the landscaping prominently seen at Virginia Beach.

The wood stove has succeeded valiantly to date. We have numerous fallen and dead trees at work that need to be sliced and diced and removed from the property. I often spend 30 minutes or so after work cutting up prime burning wood. I have had good luck with dry silver maple, but while it burns nice and hot, aged oak is still the clear winner in terms of the best wood to burn. It's clean and lasts a long time. In some ways, though the stove is appropriate for our home's size, I wish it were larger so I could stack enough wood in it for it to burn all night.

That said, I have co-opted the foundation of an old out-building here to use for stacking wood. I hope to have several cords, split, stacked, and ready for the next heating season. It will be a lot better than having to worry about wood in the middle of winter, although that is in some ways the best time to find seasoned hardwood, at least to cut it and drag it out of the woods anyway.

After some thought and fantasizing about the project, I am looking into purchasing a stripped lower receiver to begin building myself an assault rifle. Now that the Obama regime has stated its desire to reinstate the Assault Weapons Ban, it's now or never to make said purchase. The difference between this ban and the last one is that a new one would likely have no expiration date.

It's actually surprisingly easy to build an AR, and you can build one that's pretty kick ass for about $700-$800. As for myself, I just think it would be really cool to build my own Assault Rifle, a customized weapon. This means the purchase of the Zeiss Scope I want goes on hold and I put my energies in a different direction. I have also thought about purchasing a re-furbished Glock 37 as well, simply because the ban would effect that weapon, too.

Too many guns. So little time.

I walked our property once again yesterday, something I do from time to time. It amazes me how big this place really is. There's a veritable ton to do. I wish I was home full time to "tend my own garden" so to speak, but I guess I will just have to be content with being a weekend yard warrior for now.

Ok, that's it for the present. Hope you all are well.

Over and Out,



Martin Schap said...

Reid and Pelosi have both voiced opposition to a renewed AWB. Unlike Obama, they have been around a while and no doubt remember what a huge balck eye the Clinton ban was for Democrats. That being said, I am buying all the guns and ammo that my budget will allow. I have an ammo purchase plan that involves getting some to shoot and some to save back every pay day. That way it is painless like your twigs. Sounds like you've got some good projects lined up. We are planning a new and improved garden as well as some massive brush clearing over the next 2 months. I am insanely jealous of your wood stove every time you post about it. At my next house I want enough space to fire a pistol and a wood stove. That is all I ask.

Nick-dog said...

Well said, Martin.

I will be purchasing as many firearms and ammo as I can as well, particularly those that'd be effected by a ban.

Good luck with the garden! Sounds like you have some good projects ahead of you, too. This will be my first garden. I am really looking forward to getting outside this Spring and sprucing up the place, to be sure.

I can appreciate very much your feelings on the woodstove. I felt the exact same way. Honestly.

I mean, if I were independently wealthy and was home all day, I'd just stay at home to split wood and enjoy the fire with family.

And firearms. I'd be enjoying them too, of course.


Martin Schap said...

Update- I bought a pistol. It's a S&W 686 with 4" barrel. Still haven't gotten the paperwork in for my lifetime self-defense permit, but when I do the .357 magnum will be my constant companion. I get warm fuzzies just thinking about it. I've got my eye on a nice Galco ITP holster for strong side carry. Now I just need a rifle. I am thinking an SKS for the time being and later a Fulton Armory M1A.

Nick-dog said...

Congratulations! That's one sweet revolver. Very nice. I hope it serves you well in the protection of yourself and your family.

An M1A would be a great rifle to own. I just checked Fulton's website. Their FAR .308 Titan is seriously haus.

Awesome. Nice choice in weapons, Martin.