Saturday, March 07, 2009

CZ SP-01 Phantom, taking a Gander at Gander

Nothing says kick ass like a black gun, especially one from CZ.
I had the distinct pleasure this morning visiting Gander Mountain in what was ostensibly a quest for ammo. Having seen this particular model on their shelf last week, I couldn't resist the temptation to hold, inspect and aim this black beauty.
Saturday morning is the time to go to our local Gander. Local patrons at that hour tend to be codgers searching for a deal. It's a nice atmosphere. I prefer Gander because there is so much less pressure from the sales folk to purchase a gun than from the specialty stores in this area. At least that has been my experience. Still, they want you to buy, but I had enough self-control to limit myself to a "research expedition" only.
My fascination with CZ's SP-01 first began several years ago after reading a glowing pistol review in an issue of Guns & Ammo that I just happened to pick up at a redneck gas stop. Not that I have anything against rednecks, it's just that most fast-mart type places don't have their gun magazines front and center. But this one did and I was easily enticed. So that day I got a little something extra along with my purchase of gasoline.
Since then, it's been on my mind to give this gun a look. Chambered for 9MM, it fit my large hands well. My grip was very comfortable and high on the pistol, which is pleasantly light and well-appointed, and pleasant to grip. The slide, overly slicked by some Gander employee, oozing so much CLP that the embarrased employee had to wipe it off, came back with relative ease. The trigger pull felt a bit long but nice nevertheless. The gun felt natural to aim and hold. Simply put, I could tell I was in the presence of a fine weapon of superior craftsmanship and thought.
It put me in awe of this gun. Suddenly, I was thinking, "I could buy this thing," and I knew I had to step away from the counter and check out. I came to buy ammo, not another gun. Had the price been lower, I might have rethought my options and put it on layaway, but alas it was not to be.
At least not today, anyway.
In the final analysis, the next 9mm I buy, barring an act of government, will be the CZ Phantom. When I pull the trigger, I'll let you know.
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Martin Schap said...

Is this a priority over a battle rifle? Funny that you looked at another pistol yesterday, because I was looking at a compact revolver. The S&W 360. It's a 38 snub, and weighs just 13 oz. That is definitely my next handgun, as it makes a fine option for carry on those hot summer days when you just can't stuff yourself into anything more substantial than a t-shirt. It would also make a good back up to the 686 if carried weak side in a pocket holster or strong side in an ITP holster while the 686 was stowed in a shoulder rig.
Sounds like you've got your eye on some very nice weapons though. I will be waiting to see how this turns out.