Monday, March 09, 2009


Martin, you asked a good question: AR or new semi-auto pistol?

Getting an Assault Rifle would be great, but in order for me to make it affordable, I'd have to buy it in parts. The thing is, parts are scarce right now and pricy, mostly, and will continue to be so as Chairman Obama continues to swing the country leftward. A build would cost about a grand or so, and the CZ has me wondering if I really want to spend that money on an assualt weapon when I could be investing in other preps, like a pistol, a new bug out bag and other fun stuff.

At this point, I would only be spending a little less on an AR purchasing it in parts than I would be if I bought an entire kit or purchased it assembled.

Also, with ammo prices being so high, another caliber, even if only .223, would be an additional cost to stock appropiately. So this has me thinking that maybe it would be best to just get another 9mm for carry or for when SHTF. The CZ is at the top of my list.

That being said, I am pissed that Obama's press corps, the liberal media, is spewing doom and gloom prophecies again about a global recession. I remember when this whole thing started back in the fall of '07 and they were using the same scare tactic, perpetually asking, "Are we in a recession?"It was constant. Now we're back to that again.

Thank you Chairman Obama for sucking so completely.

Over and Out,



Martin Schap said...

Good points. Being something of a traditionalist, I like the .30 cal social rifles, and being poor, I kind of like the SKS. Obviously it has weak points, such as lack of any real accuracy, but it can sling a lot of lead down range, and there is something to be said for that. Also, ammo is still relatively cheap and plentiful. The type 59/66 can still be had for about $300. I have some other thoughts on this, but it may have to become a new blog post.

Martin Schap said...

Over the last few days I have often thought of your closing line in this post and chuckled. With luck, comrade Obama will be gone after just one term.

Steak said...

What is it with you and your 9mm fixation? Do you not know, are you not aware, that there are other, bigger, calibers of bullets for sale at fine gun shops everywhere?

I say this to you out of concern and as a friend. You see, 9mm just does not have the stopping power of our good friend, Mr .45. And stopping power is the name of the game when your property is being overrun by crackheads.

Crackheads don't feel pain when they're juiced to the gills, and they don't drop when you pop a tiny little 9mm hole through their torsos. They just keep running at you screaming because their veins are coursing with adrenaline and crack.

What you need, my friend, is bullet with a little pep and some punch! You need Mr. .45, first name, Hollowpoint.

Give our old pal .45 a try the next time your out killing crackheads. You'll notice the difference immediately! Mr. .45: he knocks crackheads flat! It's just what you'll need to survive an Obama administration.

Because we all know exactly what we're going to have by the end the end of Obama's first term: hundreds and hundreds of crackheads screaming across our front lawns.

Nick-dog said...

With much luck, Martin.

Hey Steak, maybe you can remortgage your 5 bathrooms to pay for all my .40 cal ammunition?

I'll take the Speer Gold Dot .45 GAP GDHP at $57.99 for a box of 20.

In all seriousness, I may purchase a .357 Sig or 40 cal for daily carry.

Martin Schap said...

I will never criticize you for using such a pussy cartridge Nick. Just shoot failure drill and everything will be fine. Also, for crackheads on my lawn I much prefer 00 buck to any pistol cartridge that there is. Pistols are highly over hyped as a primary weapon. That is not their role unless no other firearm is available. The primary duty of the handgun is to enable you to reach your long gun in the event of an SHTF scenario or to buy you time if the long gun jams or otherwise becomes inoperable. I will take the stopping power of a 12 gauge over any .45ACP you can show me.

Martin Schap said...

Also, I should mention that the 9mm is not a pussy cartridge. It is a very effective weapon, and the high magazine capacity makes a 9mm pistol that much more formidable.