Tuesday, February 10, 2009

There's no way...

Obama is going to make it four years in office as President. I mean, did you see this guy's first official press conference yesterday? It was a total bomb, an utter disaster. Uh-bama was a boring, stuttering bufoon. His blather wasn't even coherent a good portion of time. The Uh-bama press office--and no, I am not referring to the main stream media this time--should just issue its press releases as a series of "uhs" with "hope and change" and "destroy America" at the end and we'd suffer a lot less and get to the point much faster.

If he makes it the full four years without resigning, it will be because the media dragged him through to the finish line. And they will try, to be sure. Some out there are calling this man brilliant, but if this is brilliance then I'm a bearded gnome. This guy can't even answer questions straight. No wonder Iran is eager to talk with him--they are going to take full advantage of Uh-Bama and it's not going to be pretty. Our enemies like Uh-bama; that should tell you something.

One final thought in this vein: it's a lot different to campaign for the highest and most powerful temporal office in the world than it is to be President and shoulder the offices' responsibilities. Uh-bama is crumbing faster than a Ritz cracker. I just hope he doesn't take the rest of the country with him.

Alright, that's it for now. Just a small rant against our fearless leader before he creates breadline America with this damn trillion-dollar spending debacle.

Buy your guns now, before he decides the government needs to run that industry, too.

Over and Out,



Anonymous said...

Granted I only saw a few minutes of the speech, but I was left thinking how nice it was to have someone speaking in the whitehouse that didn't appear to forget what he was talking about half way through a sentence. Oh well, maybe I should of watched more of it. Unsurprisingly, he dodged the interesting part of the question that was asked of him when I was watching.

Bridget said...

Right on, Nick. I saw it too and wondered how he's going to stumble through this presidency. Uh-bama is a GREAT name for him! Good one!

Ben Hatke said...

Wow. Got a lot of rage here in this post.

You sure you're okay?

Nick-dog said...

Well, anon, I'm glad you keep coming back.

Yes, you should have kept watching. I listened on the radio to a good deal of it. For the speech, he used a teleprompter and read very fast. He was rushing and felt uneasy.

When he went impromptu, the event went south in a hurry. He took the first 30 minutes to stumble very badly through 2 questions. The media did not ask any follow ups, which is unheard of for a President in a press conference.

My own opinion is that this man is always trying to sound palatable and hide what he truly believes. Listening to his radio interviews from when he was a stateman in Illinois it is clear that he has a handle on his own radical philosophy and has no problem expressing it.

Everyone will blunder during a press event now and again, but Uhbama takes blunder to a new zenith as President. Just listen to his comments on Iran for some truly pathetic impromptu.

And he is leading our nation? Scary.

Nick-dog said...

Thanks Bridge.

No Ben! this is acutely expressed frustration at the plight of the free world.

Nick-dog said...

This just in: the White House prescripted its list of reporters who could ask questions.

Freakin pathetic, comrade Uh-bama.

Martin Schap said...

Do you read the Wall Street Journal? They have had plenty to say on this very issue. I love to read the opinions page. Phase 1 of my planned firearms purchases was completed this evening. I am now the owner of a Mossberg 500 Mariner. Barrel is 18.5" and it holds 7 in the magazine plus one up the pipe. I will get some pics up after I outfit it with a sling and a butt pouch from Eagle Industries. Hang in there buddy. Four years is nothing, and I predict 2010 will be like 1994 all over again.

Anonymous said...

the white house prescripted? big surprise. and as long as the media keeps saying how awesome this guy is, the vast majority of the population will keep buying it.
i would leave the country, but, at this point, i don't know that anywhere else is any better. :P

Nick-dog said...

Yes, better to stay and fight for freedom than run away to a country in worse shape.

There's some tea party's coming up this summer.... I think I might be attending.


Anonymous said...

Have you seen one of these made for prime time tv news conferences before?

"The media did not ask any follow ups, which is unheard of for a President in a press conference."
-Unheard of? I can't remember the last time there was a follow up question in one of these news conferences.

"This just in: the White House prescripted its list of reporters who could ask questions. "
-Do you think this is new? Bush did it, and I wouldn't be suprised if any of the other presidents did it too.

Nick-dog said...

Hey anon, if you prescript a news conference and are still a stuttering buffoon that makes you pathetic.

Thank me for my blog.