Monday, February 02, 2009



Bridget said...

According to Phil, the Groundhog, we have 6 more weeks of Winter. That groundhog is such a jerk.

Anonymous said...

"And don't forget your booties 'cause it's COLD out there today! It's cold out there every day..."

Sorry. Just had to quote one of the all-time best ever movies.

Oh, one more: "You're not a god, Phil. This is twelve years of Catholic school talking."

Love the groundhog pic!

--Elizabeth Butina

Nick-dog said...

Yeah, isn't it great?!

Thanks for posting.


Ben Hatke said...

So he saw his shadow? That's weird.

At least we got this crazy warm snap here in mid february. That's nice.

Martin Schap said...

Hey brother! I found your blog after you or Clare posted a comment on Annie's blog. Stay tuned for gun updates. I've got a shotgun and revolver all picked out, now it's a simple matter of getting my concealed carry and buying the things.

Nick-dog said...

Martin!!! Wassup?! Great to see you here. Yes, Clare was telling me that you acquired an NRA hat, so I figured you got or were about to get some additional firepower.

It sounds like you've picked some awesome weapons. I was wondering what you were going to go with in the sidearm department.

I need to get my permit as well. I'm also eyeing an M-TAC holster when I can scrounge up the funds. And then ammo, lots and lots, before Obama strikes again...