Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Bathroom of Doom (Director's Cut)

Some before and after action. Here are some of the pics, as promised. Above, sweet sweet demolition in progress, though it felt more like regress. You can see how I was trying to preserve the toilet for as long as possible, before going to the saw-dust toilet of death. I title the first photo, "Gloom Beckons" and the second, "Isle of Despair." That bucket of water is what I used to flush the toilet when I had the water off. You'd actually have to straddle the floor joists and insulation to lift it up and dump the water in the back of the toilet. Lovely, eh?

As you can see, in this last pic, I've dished out my fair share of sackage too. This is where things stand. I just need to finish those walls, ceiling and the rest of the details, which will take some time yet.
I will post final bathroom pics/details again when I am done-done with the project.
Over and Out,


Bridget said...

Dude! The wainscotting looks supreme! Looking great!!!!

Nick-dog said...

Thanks so much. I think it will look even better once painted and caulked.

Ry Guy said...

You know you are becoming a true handyman when you can use words like "joist" in sentences as though it's no big deal.

Nick-dog said...

Hey Ry! Thanks! It's very satisfying to see this thing coming together, finally.

Anonymous said...

Nice work! My husband and I just put down vinyl tiles on our bathroom floor (pulling out a truly disgusting carpet!) and that alone was enough to have us wistfully recalling our days as renters! Our house is over 100 years old, and we discovered that the bathroom floor was sort of a parallelogram, with a decently big hump in the middle of it. With my dad's help, it all came together, though. Good luck with the rest of your work!

--Elizabeth Butina

Nick-dog said...

Thanks Elizabeth for the Kudos. Old houses are splendid, until you have to live in and renovate them at the same time. Congrats on a finished job! My dad came to save me too.