Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Snowpocolypse 2010

So we've been getting slammed by the snow. Somewhere between 24-30 inches from the initial storm. As I write, the next storm is making landfall, bringing us another 8-20. We'll see. Mother nature is relentless this year. The Farmers' Almanac predicts snow every 4 days for the month of February. So far, they've been right. That feels kind of eerie, to be honest.

I've been snowed in as a consequence, since the Fed Gov't is closed and I run on its schedule. My main concerns have revolved around keeping us well-supplied and warm, not to mention dug out. This last includes the roof, which was a Herculean task even for a house as small as ours. Knowing that there would be roof collapses around the region due to the snow, I did not want to be on that list. I burned a lot of calories in the process and am grateful for my neighbor and his tractor for assisting with the driveway.

VDOT has done a great job with the main roads and with our road, though I believe someone in the neighborhood works for the state. That may have helped. The town's roads are still in piss-poor condition, making trips hazardous and slow.

Guns: I picked up some 2 3/4 rifled slugs yesterday, as part of my committment to keep the shotgun well-supplied, in addition to another box of .22. I will be purchasing a bandolier or two for shot shells in case I need to leave in a hurry. I have some money coming to me soon as well, and am considering creative ways to allocate it. I have an AR build I need to finish and need a scope for the rifle. Other considerations include an additional shotgun or Glock or Marlin Model 60. Given the recent re-appearance of .223 on the shelves, I am leaning towards finishing the AR and stocking up. So many guns too little money. Maybe I'll just buy a chainsaw instead.

Wood: In a month or two, I will be investing in 4 cords of hardwood for next winter. Four cords seems to be about right for a winter, with some to spare. I've found an awesome wood-source via craigslist and I've been really pleased so far, especially with the Ash. If I let it season an additional year, so much the better. It's one more thing off my mind, and if the SHTF, I'll be good on wood for a winter.

Garden: One of things that will be center stage this spring will be the focus on a garden of raised beds relatively close to the house. We are turning to Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds for our supply, as Southern Seed Exchange associates to closely with the left for our liking. Baker Creek is on the front line of fighting large corps. and providing people with the tools they need to maintain their own self-sufficient garden. Getting our garden mostly right this year is truly key. Once we've established a good mode of operation, it will be easier to continue from year to year. But right now we are starting from ground level to get this thing up and running. I look forward to it.

Chickens: Our other goal this year is to add chickens. The coupe may need to be re-worked, but I am largely confident in chicken ownership. I am considering a new .22, which I mentioned above, to keep out predators, such foxes and bobcats. An AR might do the job just as well, though.

There are other house projects after the bathroom on the horizon as well, but the above is the main focus. Once this stuff gets done and it's more just a matter of maintenance, it will be time to celebrate and continue on from there.

Over and Out,



Martin Schap said...

I have to admit I am the least bit jealous. We were told we were getting quite a snow, but it did not materialize. The only good part was that they cancelled my work based on the forecast, so I had a snow day with no snow. We are getting ready to have quite a garden this year too. We need seeds though, so if Rural King doesn't have what we want we may have to check out your mail order source.

Ben Hatke said...

Nice. That's a great picture too!

Nick-dog said...

Thanks Ben!

Martin, LOL. You know, you can come out and grab as much snow as you like, any time. Our dog might have something to say about it, but it's ok with me. In fact, it'd probably be ok with her too if you bribed her with some bread.

BTW, Clare ended up ordering her seeds via etsy for cheap. That might be worth checking out if Rural King is out of stock...