Friday, February 26, 2010

Apocolyptic Winds at the Weekend's Precipace

When it gets windy, there's whispering and howling on our front porch. Tonite it's been screaming as we endure the up to 60-mph wind gusts. It is an eerie sound, and I am brought back to the movie, The Road, despite my complete desire not to go there. But if I do, I want more shotgun shells and a cool shotgun bandolier/scabbard for the weapon.

Who am I kidding? I want thay anyway.

I've been following the political-economic situation uber-closely for months. Probably too closely. I should probably spend my time being more productive. One thing I cannot quite get over is how back in late 2007, the media kept asking the question "Are we in a recession? (x1000)" when the average American was living way high on the hog. They were trying to do their part to fabricate the crisis we already in, not that we needed any help. But you hear what I'm saying. The economy was hopping, but they wanted Armageddon on Bush's watch.

I just wanted to get that off my chest. Moving along...

I am ready for Spring, whevever it decides to come. And speaking of springs, we have opted to invest in a Berkey Water filter soon in hopes that we will actually be able to drink our own tap water without grimacing. This means that my monthly jaunts to the spring down the road will now be only occasional, providing that the Berkey works as it should. I love the trip and all, but it's very time and gas consuming. It's also a therapeutic excuse to escape and go back to nature and was highly enjoyable. I may end up going back more often than I think, if I get withdrawl or something. We'll see.

Ok, this is just an early morning post to get the day started. I am a master procrastinator and should be finishing up my book, which = another shotgun and several cords of firewood. On that note, I better get going.

Over and Out,



Martin Schap said...

On the Berkey water filter- you might consider a DIY version if you like money and don't care to give it to others...

Did you get the Mossberg Persuader yet? The bandoliers are great, and at $5 or $6 you may as well get two or three. The real priority if you ask me though, is onboard ammo. Clint Smith says "you will fight with what is IN and ON the gun." I like the look of the carriers made by Mesa Tactical, but even an elastic buttcuff is something. I am going to pick one up real soon for the new double, as that is currently the gun that is filling the HD role around here pending actually shelling out the cash for a new barrel on the Mossberg.
Also, I resemble the Mall Ninja remark. When I game it I've been able to get my score as low as 17%, and that is while I have HK's website open in another window.

Nick-dog said...

Thanks for the Berkey DIY link. It's pretty cool to see what a little Yankee ingenuity can come up with, but we will likely spend the cash on the bling-bling version, since it will be in our kitchen and used regularly.

I have not purchased the Persuader yet, as I am in the process of finishing a side job (editing gig), which will cover it. I am editing a book on saints and buying guns and ammo with the money. Go figure.

I am all about ammo on the gun, especially for grab and go. The Maverick has the butt stock carrier. I believe I can install a tacstar saddle on it, but I am not sure about the one for Mesa tactical. The Persuader will have both buttstock sleeve and a side carrier, and possibly a harness bandolier just because.

A well appointed shotgun is a thing to behold.

BTW, who makes a good bandolier? Any recommendations?

Your new SxS sounds awesome. I love the simplicity of that setup. There's something sublime about a homeowner with a two-barrelled blaster. Is yours new or an antique? My next-door neighbor is all about the antique side by sides. Intimidating as hell. His gun safe is overflowing with long arm goodness. Not sure if he has a lot of ammo though.

17% takes skill. Maybe we should put together our own quiz. That would be fun.