Monday, February 15, 2010

Wintry Musings

When it's all said and done, this has been a great--and I mean fantastic--winter.

There's something really special about being in the snow plastered mountains, particularly the Snow Covered Blue Ridge. I mean the mountains are excited. I had that feeling passing through Markham on I-66 on my way home two Thursdays ago. Their anticipation, if you can call it that, was palpable, even as the weathermen continually upped the snow fall amount by the hour. Anyway, my point is, the place is renewed, the way being bathed in snow can only renew you. Sounds weird, maybe, but if you ever played in a thunderstorm you know what I mean.

Out here we don't get a lot of snow, usually, so when the storm of the century arrives, it's really a major event. I also feel more settled into our home than we have ever been, and I am excited for our following years here. As we complete the infrastructure, it will be easier to kick back and enjoy the seasons. Maybe it's the snow, but I love it here and feel more a part of this place and this area than I ever have been. And that's saying something.

The last couple of days, despite the cold, which doesn't bother me that much provided I'm bundled well, I've made sure to get our snow dog out for a walk. She is more excited than I have ever seen her, too. I mean, this is the weather she was meant for and she just wants to roll around, snuggle, and worm her way into the powder. It's great to see her in her element. These dogs have an inner spirit that is so pure and true it's awe inspiring. Huskies are high maintenance, but it's because they are so completely alive.

This morning I had a particularly challenging time starting the fire. Last night, I had it cranking. All the lights were off, and sitting in front of this thing looking out the window to the sky, I could see most of O'Rion with his tell-tale belt sparkling through the tree. It was a supreme moment, and one of the reasons I love life in the hollar.

Peace Out,



Bridget said...

Great post!

Nick-dog said...

Thanks Gee!


Ben Hatke said...

What a great post, Nick. Lifted my day a little bit so thanks.

Nick-dog said...

Glad to hear it Ben!


Nick-dog said...
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