Sunday, April 12, 2009


As I write, I take note that I am up earlier than most, at 4AM. Imagine that you are among the first people that day to see the world around you melting down in the news. Whatever the cause or reason, the S is HTF. You have only a couple of hours of waking time before others take notice and storm Wal-Mart and everywhere else to get their preparations.

The question: but what are you going to do?

A lot of ink has been spilled on this topic, and I suspect that will only continue. Are you prepared? Are you ready?

I go through phases of getting prepared and then worrying about the day-to-day things that are actually within my control and sphere of influence. Prepping is mentally exhausting if you take it too seriously, so I do what I can do and try not to worry about it. But I also only try to buy things that will last and that I will want to have in case the SHTF.

We take our modern way of life for granted, and build our personal foundations around those conveniences. If it were all to suddenly disappear, or disappear in part, that's serious SHTF.

Key Concerns include:
  1. Where you live
  2. Safety & Personal Protection
  3. Water
  4. Weather/Heating/Cooling
  5. Food
  6. Energy
  7. Sewage
  8. All the shit you are going to need, but can't get because the world is in chaos.

I hope the wheels are turning out there.

Some things I personally recommend. They can't hurt you, but you will happy you have them if the SHTF:

1.) Pistol, shotgun, rifle (in that order) and ammo (good luck finding it)
2.) Concealed carry permit
3.) Get home bag, especially if you commute
4.) Medic Bag for the house (depending on where you live, ambulances can take time)
5.) Fireproof container for important documents
6.) Self-Defense training if you have none
7.) Food and Water for at least 2 weeks for everyone in a household
8.) A garden (if possible and realistic)
9.) Chickens (ditto)
10.) Extra maintenance supplies for your house and cars: lightbulbs, filters for water and HVAC, oil and oil filters, etc.

This list isn't gospel or anything, but it makes sense to me. I've only had to bug out once in my entire life, and here's what I wish I would have had at the time:

1.) More money
2.) More organization
3.) A pistol

That being said, the most important thing on that list long term is organization. If you have personal organization, you can get money and a gun. But in a crisis, whether it be local or global, familial or societal, personal organization is, IMHO, the most important aspect your preparations, bar none.

If you are not mentally or emotionally prepared for a crisis in your life, if--when--a crisis hits, it's going to slam you to the mat, real hard and real fast. You won't know what hit you, and the other stuff won't matter if you aren't mentally and emotionally prepped. You'll be in la-la land or worse. You can't prepare for everything, but I recommend you try. You don't want to be on the floor if you can avoid it.

Experience is the greatest teacher, but unfortunately, it's because you take the test first and study afterwards. You try to reverse that process if you are smart.

The greatest service you can do for yourself and your loved ones is to make sure you have your own personal shit together. People who have their shit together, or seem to, are inspiring. They are also the people you want to turn to in a crisis, people you want on your side. But if you are not on your own side, may God help you and I mean it.

BTW, I recommend checking out for more information on how SHTF occurred in Argentina in 2001 and what it's like living down there in the aftermath. I've read it in its entirety and his thoughts are worth checking out in full. Awesome blog and dude.

This became a very long post. Unintentional, but that's what happens when discussing the things I like.

Peace out, Yo's.



Ben Hatke said...

Not a bad list. Sadly though, the chance of me being up at 4 am on the day the S HTF (or any other given day) is pretty small.

When that fateful day arrives everybody will be like "where's Ben? Is he still asleep?"

And then they will try to wake me up. Someone will put a gun in my hand. They will look down and shout "save us!"

and I'll look up and answer "no. ...not until I've had a cup of coffee."

Nick-dog said...

"Give me a sword, Eric! I'll win this war for you!"