Wednesday, April 29, 2009

112th Post

Well, it's the 112th post here at the Update. It's kind a surprising to have posted that much, but 'tis true.

Clare and I are presently in midst of Season 1 of 24, more than half way through. It is an excellent show--everything I was hoping it would be. Now I can talk shop with other fellow 24 junkies, while I tote around my Jack Bauer bag, courtesy of my loving wife for my birthday from

I did find, however, an even cooler albeit less civilian-looking messenger bag from Tickbite Tactical. Yes, you read that right, Tickbite Tactical, and they have an awesome bag. Check out their "Heavy Duty Messenger Bag" to see what I mean.

This past weekend Clare and I mosied on up the trail alongside Crabtree Falls here in Virginia. It's a two-mile hike with recurring switchbacks to bring you farther up the mountain. The hike was easier than handling the 30 lb. fuss on my back, who clamored for the jeep and everything else the whole way up. Joking aside, given my present lack of being in excellent physical shape--I made it to the upper falls without issue.

Which brings me to the theme of my post. Slow and steady wins the race, at least where I am often concerned. I thought I was dogging it, truly, but I made the decision from the outset not to rush but to take my time. To my surprise we made it up faster than expected while soaking in the overlooks. Crabtree falls is one of the best falls in Virginia, possibly the best depending on what you're looking for. White Oak Canyon's lower falls for me, however, take the cake.

BTW, in case you are wondering, the new pic on the blog is of Elkala Falls in WV.

So we've been really good about making the most of this Spring and getting in some hikes.

I am considering joining a local gym that is on my way out of town in the mornings. I figured if I could get in there 3-4 a week before work--I am a morning person--I could get a lot more buff, lose the gut, and have and even better excuse to shave the head. The long and short of it is they have a pool and I love to swim.

So now that I am not training in the dojo like the fiend I once was, it's all up to me to continue my aikido practice. Thus far, this has consisted of stretching, jo and ken suburi at home and a once a week session with the ninja on the other side of town. However, the arena of physical conditioning is lacking, and the 2.5 hours in the car each way don't help.

So that is the scoop. That and I want another Glock, but what else is new? In case you are wondering, it will be the Glock 31, chambered in 357 Sig. Virtually all the joy of the 357 Magnum chambered in a 15 rd. semi-auto pistol from Gaston Glock. That sounds really damn good to me.

Peace out yos. I hope all is well.

Over and Out,



Clare said...

I like Crabtree more than lower white oak canyon. Glad you like your bag... I did a great job picking it out eh? love you.

Nick-dog said...

You sure did. I love you too. --NM

Martin Schap said...

2.5 hours in the car each way is intense. I couldn't stand it when I did 1.5 each way and that was for only 6 months. I don't know how you get anything done when you waste that much of your day driving. Glock 31 is a nice choice. I have been debating a Glock 21 myself.

Nick-dog said...

Oops. I meant each DAY. I guess I missed that in my edit.

I couldn't take 2.5 hours each way either. That would kill me.

A Glock 21 is a good choice too. I think you may be able to put a conversion barrel in the 21 to shoot either .40 cal or 9mm. Don't quote me on that, as I am not sure exactly, but the nice thing is you can play with a different caliber if you want and change back to your standard caliber at the end of the day.

Peace bro.


Martin Schap said...

Still a long damn time in the car. I will have to look into the conversion barrels. 45acp hardball is pretty cheap to shoot though, so even without another ammo capability it should be an ok weapon to put in some serious range time with. One of these days I suspect we will both have to get set up for reloading.

Nick-dog said...

Yes, it's still a long ass time. At least I have beautiful mountain scenery and Talk Radio to keep my attention occupied.

I hear you on the reloading.

It's like every time I turn around, it's a hundred dollars here or a hundred there if I want something for the gun.

Wolf and Storm Lake have pretty solid barrels from what I hear. If I get a G31, I will get a seperate barrel for 40 cal. eventually.

While the the thought of keeping my G17 bone stock with the exception of a Tac-light is appealing, I should probably consider a replacement barrell for it as well.

FWIW, I'd like to pick up a SHTF replacement part kit for it and the shotgun, but I am need to be selective in my expenditures.