Friday, April 17, 2009

The BOL & More

Wow. It' hard to believe it's been almost a year since we moved in, but in a week it shall be so.
I am so grateful to be living out here. It was a struggle to find a home, particularly one we could afford, but it I am always amazed how this place has worked out. Above is a pic taken from this evening after the sun had set of the mountains. Combine that with a delectable breeze and a chorus of tree frogs and that makes for a most serene setting.
Things here at the BOL have come along splendidly over the past year. The grass is mowed. New landscaping is in. Trash has been cleared out. We have 2/3 of a really cool bathroom and so on. Time has flown. It is just a joy to be here and have this opportunity to live in Eden after the fall. That is certainly Virginia to me. Eden after the fall.
In like news earlier this week I made it back out to the Spring. That is the Jeep, the Glock, and I. The water is remarkable and I felt in tune with the earth and its gifts obtaining it myself out of the mountain. If only the quasi-hoopty handn't shown up and started a line of cars, it would have been a complete back to nature experience. Being up in the hills, alone, I was happy to be open carrying the Glock, especially when a caprice with tinted windows rolled in. Not what I was expecting. I wasn't rushed or messed with. Gee, I wonder why?
I obtained my CHP on Weds. of Holy Week! This means I can lawfully carry a pistol concealed in the state of VA. It's great to have the option now to conceal, my preferred method of carry. I alternate from open to concealed to open, depending where I am. Up in the hills, gathering water for the homestead, I'll carry openly, thank you very much. I prefer concealed carry in highly trafficked areas, however.
I have decided to answer any question about why I carry using the PC terminology of the current administration: Let' just say it's my "Outside the Waistband Contingency Plan," if you know what I mean.
That being said, I purchased a new holster for concealed and open carry. It's the Phantom holster for Glock and Tactical Light by Raven Concealment Systems. While I don't have a tactical light for the gun yet, that's ok. I have 40 days to get one, as the company is that backed up in producing their holsters, which are made to order. I am looking forward to the upgrade.
Clare and I are preparing to embark on a "24" watching Bonanza after seeing the first several episodes of the 1st season. Ironically, I was reinspired to check out "24' by purchasing a recreation of the Jack Bauer messenger bag from after reading a review about rethinking the Bug-Out Bag. Instead of using a "break in case of emergency" type bag, have a bag with gear that you use or need every day. Clearly, you won't need everything you pack in the bag all the time, but it's better to try and carry gear you will actually use regularly or quasi-regularly. This isn't to bash the BOB. I still have mine. It will just be set up differently.
Anyway, a new bag is on the way as I organize my life to make it "tacticool."
Ciao people. Have a great weekend!
Over and Out,


Anonymous said...

Some people refer to a bag for everyday items as a purse. lol!

Everbody needs a bag.

-Love your favorite non-concealed bag carrying wifey.

Nick-dog said...

You can call it whatever you like, Sweetness.

I still know I am Jack Bauer.

Martin Schap said...

I have been carrying a few essentials in my bookbag or briefcase since college. It only makes sense to do so. Leatherman, little bit of basic first aid stuff and so forth. THat being said, I could probably carry a bit more. Maybe some pepper spray and food/water would be a good start. I carry a tiny flashlight and a good folding knife or two on my person as well.

The Scientist said...

I have been looking to get a 'Jack Sack' myself. Got a link to the one you picked up?

Nick-dog said...

Here is the bag at Amazon:

Martin, that's cool. I've been wanting a less ghetto bag for EDC. After I read this cool review over at, I knew I had to get one and fill it with useful Tacticool stuff:

Peace out, yo's.