Friday, November 28, 2008

This is it for awhile...

Sometimes you pick the (fill in the ______), and other times it picks you. This time the rifle picked me, I swear!

Above is pictured a hardly-used Remington Model 700 SPS in .300 WSM caliber, with barely 50 rounds through it. It features a 24" matte finished barrel with Leupold bases and rings installed. It is also composed of a black synthetic stock, molded in gripping surface at wrist and forend, swivel studs and a limbsaver recoil pad.

And I'm telling you, it has my name all over it.

I originally became interested in the Remington 700 after watching the movie Shooter and well-before that seeing some old codgers on tv rebuild a Turkish Mauzer into a sniper rifle. Avid Update readers may recall my post from last year around this time, extolling the virtues of cold weather and showcasing Mark Wahlberg's bad-ass pose on the cover of Shooter, where he happens to be holding a Remington 700 SPS.

After doing some research of various bolt-action rifles, I decided to stick with the Remington 700 because of its legendary performance and affordable price. Out of the box, the SPS is a tack driver, and with the .300 WSM in the chamber you can reach out and touch someone, and handle big game. Not to mention that the 700 is highly modifiable, should you want to move in that direction.

So if Clare ever decides that we need to move to a more conservative state, we will be prepared in the firearms department when it comes to guarding the yard. Cause you know, we need to cover all the bases.

Now it's time to save up for a scope. Peace out.

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Thanks! And yes, I did buy this thing.