Tuesday, November 11, 2008

New Mandate, New Measures

I don't have much to say right now, except that Obama the radical has now been given a mandate to rule by 63 million fools.

Now gun sales have literally skyrocketed everywhere because people are are preparing for the expansion of the People's Republic of Illinois to the rest of the lower 48 and beyond. There almost isn't a black rifle to be found. Personally, I don't have enough coin to keep up adequately with my newfound addiction to guns, but that doesn't stop me from salivating all over my keyboard. I just wish I would have bought my guns years ago.

So I am pondering what I am going to buy next: a Glock 19, a bolt action rifle, chambered either in .308 or .270, or a 1000 rounds of ammunition? I need each of these things. I just have to prioritize.

Part of me wants another Glock, because they are so awesome, and because I won't feel like Clare is unsafe if I am carrying. Yes, we have a shotgun, which is easy to use, but there's a certain convenience to a pistol that makes it more desireable in some circumstances.

I know all of my readers may not be fans of Glocks. We each have our own opinions. For those who wonder about my obsession, I chose to shoot a Glock because it feels right in my hand, in addition to its reliability, quality and accuracy.

The other part of me likes the idea of a bolt action rifle because I can hunt with it, use it to snipe varmints, or if there are roving mobs coming down the street--an unlikely occurance out here in "Buckton," to say the least--I have another means of defending myself.

Thirdly, just getting a thousand rounds for the Glock sounds like a good idea. If the SHTF, you want to have enough ammo to last a long time. Besides, I think it's fun to build an aresenal.

And finally, I also need to pick up an 18.5 in barrell for the shotgun, for home defense, a biometric safe for the Glock, and some other "stuff."

Hopefully Santa will be good to me, because Chairman Obama won't.

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Ry Guy said...

Buy one gun a month.

It's the law.

Nick-dog said...



Anonymous said...

We have made it with a radical in the White House for the last 8 years, what's another 4?

Bridget said...

Uh, yeah. Bush was like, SO, like, totally radical dude!

Anyway, Nick, I think you need to keep up with ammo. What good are additional guns if you can't properly stock up for all of them? You have 2 fine weapons at your disposal. I'd keep buying the ammo. Especially if the SHTF sooner rather than later. Besides, don't hog all the guns before we get ours!

Nick-dog said...


You are on crack, buddy. Crack, laced with kool-aid.

But you are entitled to your opinion, even though Chairman Obama believes in letting children die both inside and outside the womb, is a socialist, a racist, a terrorist-sympathizing-wannabe who is now in charge of our country.

I think you know you are on enemy territory when you come to this blog and make an assinign comment like the above here. Unless you are one of my friends with a hilarious sense of humor and just want to poke my buttons. Yah I can see that. Anon could be a buddy.

But to compare George Bush to Obama? I think it's time you listen to someone other than the Mainstream Media, my friend. Time to get into conservative talk radio and test the validity of your present political beliefs, which I am sure are dearly held.

Oh wait, I forgot! Obama wants to implement the so-called "Fairness Doctrine" to silence conservative radio, aka, free speech. Damn, what a shame! I guess you're right--Obama IS like Bush after all!


Nick-dog said...


I have decided to go with the ammo and the rifle. I don't want to be caught without a means to hunt in Obama-bread line Amerika.

There's plenty of guns to go around, but that might end January 29th.


Anonymous said...

Let's see here... Holding people without trial, kangaroo court military tribunals, torture, "free speech" zones, preemptive war, signing statements, dragnet surveillance of domestic communications, and the idea that the constitution applying only to citizens. Nope, nothing radical about that, as American as mom, baseball, and apple pie.

Bridget said...

Hey, Nick, did you know that you can change the settings on your blog so it doesn't allow anonymous comments? That way, your "buddy" Anonymous, can show his face and not hide like a coward any more. At least the person could sign their name! Sheesh. That's gotta be annoying.

Mike, is that you?! Hee hee.

Anyway, kudos to your purchases, Nick! You're really coming along out there! Good for you!

Nick-dog said...

Yah, Bridge, sounds like Mike, but since anon asked...

Well, Bush isn't a God's gift to conservatism, but he is not a rampant socialist.

Isn't it insteresting, my buddy anon, that now the Obama team is wondering whether they should keep Gitmo open? I am not for torture, but these aren't a bunch of hapless zamboni drivers either. They are hardcore terrorists who want to see you destroyed. And now the Obama team wonders whether or not Gitmo is really that bad. LOL.

As far as survellience on Americans goes, it's a double-edged sword. We haven't had another 9-11 since the Patriot act. I don't like survellience either, but I also don't like a black-power racist who listens to a Pastor GD America for 20 years, or is a pal and fellow board member of an all-but convicted terrorist who blew up the Pentagon and the homes of policemen.

Yeah, we have a real winner for President elect.


Clare said...

BTW, I don't mind if people post anonymously. I really don't. It's not a biggie, just so long as it isn't someone poking my buttons to get a response.

Let's not waste our time.

Anon came back to the update to see if I replied, so they actually care about what they wrote. That's good to know.


Bridget said...