Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Conundrum & Gambit

Sorry everyone for the lack of recent "Monday" Updates. I usually end updating on a day that's not Monday, if I update at all.

You see, I am often in a bit of a conundrum as to what to post, so I play around with various ideas until something comes to mind--usually after Monday.

I try not to force the muse these days, because I legitamately fear the consequences. I had to do that back in the day when I re-wrote magazine articles for well-meaning authors who couldn't write worth a damn. So now I just try to take it easy and let the spirit of creativity move when it wants.

Right now I am listening to Chris Thile's new project called "Punch Brothers" on NPR, and it's quite cool. I miss Nickelcreek, but I believe they will reunite in the future after various wanderings to other projects and come up with some great new stuff down the line.

That is, if Obama doesn't end the world first. LOL.

So, in reference to my previous post, I bought a bit of ammo to replace what I've been shooting and made the purchase of a 18.5 inch barrel for my Maverick 88 Shotgun. This way it can be used for home-defense because it will be much easier to maneuver. Next dress-up items for the shotgun include a side-saddle (for ammunition) and a mag extension tube. I may also invest in a tac light for the gun down the line and a kickback reducer for the shoulder. Pics to come.

Right now that's it. I would like to purchase a serious sniper rifle, but that's just out of my league these days. But if that's of interest to you, be sure to visit Tactical Rifle's webpage. They are serious and have a whole host of goodies to whet the appetite.

In the meantime I will continue to convalesce here at home. I've been sick since Friday night, and now I am enjoying the fourth movement of this bastard cold of Antioch, which involves having a sore throat. Hopefully, I will be less of a space cadet today, as yesterday I was pretty much useless to those around me in my opinion.

Thanks for visiting the Update. I will do my best to keep the muse on its best game from now on. But I am not making any promises.

Over and Out,


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