Friday, April 13, 2007

I got that Monday Feeling

Hey, what's up. It's Friday, but I feel like it's Monday, if you know what I mean. I'm listening to some Blues on Rhapsody, just sorta tuning out the rest of the world.

I feel remorse today. My helper was fired today. Well, maybe "let go" sounds better, but he was fired none-the-less. I understand the reasons behind this move, but it doesn't make it easier. Jeffrey is a 19-year-old from Nicaragua. He's a good kid and sort of drifting along. I wish him the best. He will be on for another two weeks and then get a stipend. I feel bad because he has done such a good job for the most part and I have trained him in both English and fixing stuff. It sucks to see him go.

Perhaps it was the way he was let go. He honestly wants to work. Because his replacement, Fernando, now an "ex-seminarian," is more skilled "and is such a hard worker," Jeffrey is getting canned. I was told of this idea when I was hired, but it is my feeling that this isn't the most prudent path. It also makes me wonder how much I am valued even though I am told "good job." Here today, gone tomorrow. Damn.

Anyway, life goes on. It must and will until the end of time. A Magic Hat "9" brew and some blues does help some.

Ok, I am going to sign off. I hope my post wasn't to depressing. I just needed to vent into the ether. Kick some ass, juicebags.


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Bridget said...

I love the way you refer to your readers as "juicebags"

You're too funny!