Tuesday, April 10, 2007

First MOD: KC FogLights Status: Added

Ok, so I've given in. The Monday Update has moved back to it's original home outside the CWOD. Part of that is because I can easily post images up here to make my Blog look more interesting with the added benefit of making myself look cool. (At least I can try!) Also, since the rest of CWOD is using blogger, it only makes sense for me hop on the bandwagon. Kick ass!

As you know, I've always got tons of stuff to talk about, everything from my favorite pipe shop to finding the ever-elusive spot to dwell.

But first, I would like to announce that I have personally and successfully added to our 2001 Jeep Wrangler our first aftermarket modification (mod): KC Fog Light Replacements. Here's a pic:

Notice the KC emblem on the grilled fog lights. This, my friends, is power--candle power. For you off-road enthusiasts and/or wanna-bes, check out www.kchilites.com.

After experiencing the sweet, sweet victory of putting these babies on, Clare and I decided to hit the road and trek out west. While we missed our friends Ben and Anna, we did explore some of the more remote areas around Front Royal and Page County. We even checked out a plot of land in remote Fort Valley. Actually, it was more like a fire pit off a long dirt road. I guess I shoulda known.

Anyway, we had a nice trip. The Shenandoah is truly unique and beautiful.

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Floaty said...

Good to add light to this truck, my friend. Now can drive in rain, maybe dark.