Saturday, April 21, 2007

Fred Thompson Agrees

Thank you, thank you, thank you, THANK YOU, Fred Thompson! And thank you CWODIES for posting and commenting on my blog.

Fred Thompson, one of the Republican candidates for President has got my vote all the way, and that was before I read his piece on Gun Laws vis a vis April 16's tragedy. You can read his compelling article here:

I didn't expect to find this over at National Review, but it helped me breathe a sigh of relief that I am not alone in my thinking, nor am I crazy for thinking it. I bravely mentioned my philosophy (see previous post) in front of a priest and the preschool director last week, when the latter mentioned her son attended the college.

I was met with a surprise and astonishment. "A gun? A gun?!!!! Are you kidding me?" Was the non-verbal response from the pre-school teacher. She composed herself and said, "So you think students should be able to carry guns?"

My answer: "When the police came, the damage was done. I can understand not wanting kids bringing guns to class, but the crazy killer who breaks the law doesn't really care about the school's policy. Something to think about." To which I received, some thoughtful nods.

I will leave you with two thoughts for now. First, one of the reasons Cho chose school classrooms for his deed is because he intuitively knew that all his victims were captive and unarmed. He may have lost it, but he wasn't stupid.

Secondly, imagine if you yourself were in that Hall, hearing gunshot after gunshot admidst screams of fear and chaos. As terrible as it might seem, how would you feel if one of your classmates pulled out of a gun to defend you and the class?

I can tell you right now, my belief is that that is the one thing Cho wasn't expecting.

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