Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Happy Trails

This morning Clare and I dropped her brother off at National Airport for his summer adventure. Andy, aka "Shaggy Sticks," routinely keeps a trail journal, which I have linked to on the left, that is always interesting, invigorating, and inspiring.

Andy has hiked the Appalacian Trail in its entirety, half of the Pacific Crest Trail (he ran out of money) and now will be attempting the nation's least traveled North-South Trail, the Continental Divide Trail.

Andy came up from Stafford yestereve to stay with us before jetting out. Like last time, there was plenty of juice to go around regarding the expedition. It's really damn, inspiring actually. This kid's got some serious cahones and determination.

When I think about it, it's no surprise that I feel myself desiring to head out West to unseen places, park the Jeep and set up camp with a fishing rod. Perhaps next Spring it will be our turn for a great western adventure.

But that's next year. Right now, feel free to check out "Shaggy Sticks." He's someone who actually goes into REI, makes purchases and uses the shit.

Happy Trails.


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