Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Home Projects

Well, as you know, I've figured out the master plan, as it were, to getting this place ship shape.

My commitment is to spend an hour or two each day tacking the things that need to be tackled around here. If you were to walk my house you would see that I am living in a half-finished construction zone, or something like that.

The first order of business has been to wrap up a bench project for the house. Kieran is obsessed with moving chairs and leaning on them, so we have been trying to get a bench put in the house for a while now.

The good news is that the bench is basically done. The first coat of finish is on as well as some oil. Today, I will resand as necessary and do what is hopefully the final oil finish. And then it comes home.

I had taken pictures of my weapons, but somehow they have escaped being uploaded. Those are still to come.

Finally, I've ordered the CZ P-07 Duty, as some (ok one or two) of you know. The idea is that this will be my new carry weapon, as it is a slim profile, light and concealable weapon with a double-stacked 9mm.

I picked it up at Gander Mountain some time ago and it just clicked with me. Most weapons usually do. Imagine that. Anyway, I found a good deal on Gunbroker.com and am just waiting the FFL. I look forward to taking it out to the backyard. Yes, for moderate practice, I've just sorta said screw the neighbors' misgivings. I will just go out back and shoot.

While I have strayed from discussing the subject of economic apocalypse for some time, I am of the firm belief that essentials should be in order by the election. I am hoping for an unexciting fall where the President becomes a one-termer and that's it, but I am not counting on it. When things go to shit economy wise, it's usually in the fall for some reason. Add to that the election and you have a major ingredient for mayhem.

So yah, shit here is good. Can't complain. Gotta get outside and cut up my firewood, clear the garden for fall crops, and build a dog run. Plenty to do.

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