Sunday, July 29, 2012

Figured it Out...Finally...

Four more than 4 years, I have scratched my head every which way to figure out just what to do with our house.

During that time, there have been many moments of despair interlaced with my perpetual optimism and general belief that one day "I would figure this out."

I have been flummoxed since the first round of dust settled on how to go about making this place a home that fits our lifestyle. It's been really very difficult, and we began turning the corner on that score more than a year ago when the floors were refinished and a new barnwood table entered our kitchen.

Still, the wanderlust and belief that the grass is always or at least possibly greener on the other side nagged at me. It seemed a voice would whisper sweet nothings into my ear while driving the countryside, perpetually asking, "Would this be the perfect spot to move?"

Finally, I got tired of this and my response has simply become "just shut the hell up, ok?"

Even though I've been met with silence now, the feeling still persisted that life is crazy and something needed to be done about it. I went on a drive to a place I had never been, checking on cheap land, prayed to St. Joseph, drank a Coke and thought about my situation. Something's got to give. My family is going nuts in that small house.

And then, sitting in my kitchen, leaning up against my table, it all came to me in a moment.
The wall. It's gotta go.

My house is actually a series of additions cobbled together, ending up, basically, in the shape of a U. This is bad feng shui. All the rooms feel too small and disconnected, and my hallway, which is long and dark, is essentially dead space. The heat from the wood stove in the winters has a hard time flowing to the rest of the home because of it. The only solution, really, is to remove the wall.
So here's the plan in a nutshell:
Take out the (load bearing wall). Add in a new oak beam (8x8) mounted and braced
on two 8x8 posts. Add built-in hutches on the opposite hallway wall to handle storage,
build a new base cabinet for a recently acquired farm sink and dish washer. Replace
the existing work table (peninsula) with a larger and more functional island.

I am really eager to make this happen. I have a few other items to finish first, but once they are done,
it's gangbusters.

When I am finished, you are all invited over for tea.
Peace-Out homies.


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