Sunday, April 03, 2011


It's been a whirlwind and exciting week!

After 3 years of living with stained, icky unfinished hardwood floors, we finally had them professionally refinished. The effect is really stunning. Red Oak stained a mahogony semi-gloss in the living room and hallway now gives the house a sohpishticated feel. The heart pine in the kitchen--which looked like it may never recover--is now downy and full of depth and resplendent in it's natural character. Mad props to H&H Hardwood for a such a spectacular job!

It really feels like a new house!

And now we have a new kitchen table, standing glorious and imperious on our new wood floors. Sweet.

It took a while to build, but not that long. All of the reclaimed barnwood came out of a barn in Linden, Va. that was built in 1901. The table top and skirt is wormy American chestnut and the legs are made from Sycamore 4x4s of all things. Finsihed with 2 coats of penetrating oil and 2 coats of water polyeurathane by General Finishes, this piece is a testimony to beautiful wood and craftsmanship.

This may be the first table I build, but as it happens it will not be the last. Mike S., the proprietor of Strong Oaks Woodshop, who guided and instructed me throughout the construction process, has asked me to come aboard as a partner in the business. I am humbled and excited, and will now be spending a significant amount of my waking hours building beautiful furniture and having fun doing it, not to mention dismantling barn(s).




Martin Schap said...

Floors: awesome.
Table: awesome.
Becoming a partner in a woodworking business: awesome.

I'd call that a hat trick.

Congrats man!

Nick-dog said...

Thanks Bro!

Sumojason said...

The table and floors look great. So, are you working full time at the woodworking business, or is it a part time thing?

Nick-dog said...

Thanks Jason!

Right now is a part time gig. It could go full-time in the future. The next step is for me to work closer to home, so that I could spend the time I would use commuting in the shop.

If it were full-time, it would be sweet, I think!


The said...

Ok, Nick, you're hired! Well, when we get some money, that is.

Sarah Gasper