Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The Collapse is Underway...

Not to be a downer, but...

The failure of the Republicans led by Boehner to slam the ebrakes on government spending is the one and only signal I need to know that the Repubics are going to allow the economy to head over the cliff. Maybe not all of them. Maybe the Ryan Budget will pass and be adopted in its entirety, but my own opinion is that the damage is already done and that we are essentially screwed.

It's kinda like the earthquake in Japan. The time is now to get to the high ground before the Tsunami comes ashore.

After watching After Armageddon on YouTube in my down time at work, I can't say I'm psyched.
The time is now to have your stuff in order, before inflation hits the shelves more severly than it already has, and before Saudi Arabia goes up in smoke and with it the rest of our oil based economy.

So my shout out to you at this moment is: Get Your Shit Together before you can't afford to get shit, or there isn't any left to obtain. The first swells are coming ashore.

Over and Out,


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Martin Schap said...

Bit by bit, it is unraveling. I am ready, and I will lace up my boots and drive on regardless.