Sunday, July 18, 2010

Tactical Milking Goats

Clare and I hooked up with two goats this past weekend. One is in milk, the other will be ready this fall to get pregnant, with kid(s) to come in the spring.

The way this all transpired is a Godsend. Truly. We weren't even planning on goats until next year, but not only did we get the goats, but we also received the fencing, hay, feed, and all the other miscellaneous stuff that goes with them. It's pretty crazy to be honest, but cool from a back to the earth and S&P (survival and preparedness) perspective.

It makes me wonder, though, about what's coming.

It could be that this was just a fortunate stroke of goodness that came our way. OR, it could be like God saying, BE READY. For what, I'll leave that up to you.

Either way, I like the goats, and I am really glad to have them as part of our homestead.

I'll be picking up the remainder of the fencing tomorrow, and start installing the fence around their pen and the chicken coup. This is all crazy to me, but it's really neat to be out there with a couple of new buddies while I work. Between the chickens and the goats, I have plenty of company.

That's it. I mean, we have goats now. We just need to catch up with this decision and make the necessary changes in our lives to accommodate them. Once we have that done and the garden finished it will be sweet sailing, I hope. But, as always, there will be more to do and more projects to complete.

Over and Out,


PS--Stop waiting and buy your guns.


Martin Schap said...

I am not jealous. Just kidding. I am super jealous. Congratulations on the goats, and I will bear in mind what you said about buying guns. Maybe even some ammo too.

Nick-dog said...

Thanks amigo! It's been a huge amount of work getting the fence (off the side of a mountain), but I suspect it will all be worth it when I'm chillaxing in the A/C with my goat's milk. I hope.


Yes, now is the time to buy our guns, before the democratic majority decides they want to regulate our guns in addition to carbon. WTF?

The more ammo, the better!