Sunday, July 04, 2010

Of Dark Elves...

The last few days I've been more listless than I can remember being in years. Normally, I feel a sense of purpose, a personal drive, which carries me through my day. But this torpor is difficult at best to endure. So I found myself seeking an escape--nay, motivation--and gravitated to some books I've been meaning to re-read at some point. The Dark Elf trilogy, by R.A. Salvatore. Of all his works, these are the most inspired. After 20 years of just seeing them on the shelf, I was pleased to find that the story still completely delivered. Drizzt Do'Urden is a bad ass of epic proportions, and his story as related through this trilogy is intense.

Anyway, I normally eschew the realm of fantasy, not out of animosity for the genre. Far from it. I keep it at a distance because I know my weakness. I could be consumed by it. So on a very limited basis, I allow myself the occasional foray to the realms of the imagination, this time to the Underdark, to the forbidden world of the Drow, (aka, Dark Elves).

Indeed, it has been less forbidding than my own backyard.

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Ben Hatke said...

You may avoid the Fantastic realms of late, but I still live in them. Yet somehow I've never been very aware of this Dark Elf Trilogy.

Now I'm hankerin' to read it!

And are you interested in a recommendation? If you are dipping your feet once again into that pool? You might enjoy the works of Scott Lynch's Gentlemen Bastard series. Thieves! Con Men! Fantasy! Read The Lies of Locke Lamorra.