Friday, July 09, 2010

Marlin Glenfield Model 60

I've been waiting to purchase one since last Fall, and finally scored a sweet deal yesterday with a cool chap on No waiting in line (except on I-95) and no fuss. The gun was exactly as described and it was nice meeting another gun dude. Purchased new in 1976 by the man's father, this was left on the gun rack for years and saw perhaps 100 rounds down the tube.

The condition of this firearm is like new, albeit with a few repaired scratches, and the etching and coloring on the stock is simply beautiful. This is your a-typical backwoods .22 from the 70s. The scope is a Redhead Outlook with a 3--9x40. It's a cheap optic, but it will do for now. For $130 for the package, I really couldn't pass on this deal, especially for a rifle in such pristine condition.

Anyway, pics to come, and hopefully lots of shooting too.



Martin Schap said...


Mine's a shooter, but yours sounds a lot nicer. Can't wait for the range report and pictures.

Nick-dog said...

Thanks dude! I'm not sure the barrel is even broken in, but that's something I want to handle very soon.

I love these things. Shooting yours decided me that buying one was something I needed to do soon.

Yours IS a shooter. Hopefully, mine will be too!


Ben Hatke said...

That first picture is nice.

Nick-dog said...

Thanks homie.