Sunday, September 28, 2008

The Unthinkable

Yesterday, I did the "unthinkable." I bought a gun.

I did what? I purchased a Glock 17, 9mm. Similar to the sweet-looking gun you see to the left, it is now mine.

Growing up, I came from a non-gunfriendly family, at least in part. My dad disavowed guns as a necessity, while even his best friend, my uncle, owned an arsenal. At an early age, Uncle B showed me his guns when I insisted as a 6 or 7-year-old A-Team enthusiast is wont to do. "Uncle B do you have an M-16?" I remember asking. "No, I have an M-14," which he showed me. And then he showed me the other rifles in his dark, shadowy basement, and how he remade bullets, teaching me the anatomy of ammuntion.

My dad wasn't happy. But I still have the fake reload my uncle made me of an M-16 shell.

I've always taken that experience with me as my introduction to firearms. And when out in the wilderness in Minnesota, I felt safer knowing my uncle was packing.

Everyone has their opinion of firearms, but when trouble arises, even the most outspoken skeptic will feel safer when someone he trusts nearby is carrying.

And therein relies the conundrum, the lesson of Conan, the Riddle of Steel:

"Steel isn't strong, boy, flesh is stronger! ...What is steel compared to the hand that wields it?"

In other words, what I am saying here, is that it's not the gun that's most dangerous, but the person. A gun magnifies a person's decisions, their consequences and his personality. But it's the human will, ultimately, that determines the direction.

When I went to purchase, the conditioning of my upbringing and the anti-gun mantras of the liberal media came to haunt me. But I made the decision that I was going to purchase and that was that. When I arrived at the counter, the place was swarmed by gun purchasers. Some were your typical respectful hunter types, but not a few were punk ass kid thugs I wouldn't trust with a butter knife, but were still able to purchase because they hadn't yet created a record for themselves.

And so when I saw them clamoring for their guns ahead of me, it confirmed me in the decision I had made, and I said to myself, "Yes, damn, I need a gun."

And the Glock came with me.

Over and Out,



Ry Guy said...

Nice! Very square! (The gun, I mean!) Now you are truly ready for when the economy fails and everything descends into Mad Max world!

Or better yet, "The Postman" starring Kevin Costner! If a Kevin Costner tries to deliver mail to me while I'm trying to live in a post-apocolyptic America, I would definitely want something I could use to blow him away.

A question: Why a 9mm model? Will it have enough stopping power? When the heavy s(tuff) starts coming down, Farm Boss is going to be depending on you to provide him with effective backup.

We don't want to let Farm Boss down!

Nick-dog said...

Quite simply because "The GLOCK 17 in caliber 9x19 is the most
widely used law enforcement pistol worldwide."--From


Ben Hatke said...

Cheaper solution: Fill water pistols with acid. Not as much "stopping power" but PLENTY of burning face power.

the scientist said...

Personally, I am still a fan of Entertech and their fine line of weaponry.

Nick-dog said...

I used to have the Entertech Ak-47, another submachine gun of theirs, their berreta, and their grenade launcher refiller.

Entertech helped make me the man I am today.


The Scientist said...

Didn't you have the Rambo rocket launcher too?

Nick-dog said...

I did, actually.

Thanks to my brother.