Monday, September 08, 2008

Inge's Brats

Well, we had our annual fall festival at Holy Family this past weekend. Because of Tropical Storm Hannah, the event was moved inside. That did not stop people from coming, however, or Inge from making her famous brats and saurkraut.

Inge is an elderly women from Bavaria who loves Pope Benedict, is active in the parish, and sponsors the German booth during the festival, where parishioners from every cultural background, come together, cook, and sell their food at festival.

Last year, Clare and I were super-surprised with Inge's cooking, and I kept going back for more. So this past weekend, I knew right where to go. She would not give me her recipe--their are others before me in line for that, but she divulged to me her authentic German source for bratwurt and saurkraut: Rieker's Prime Meats in Philadelpia.

But the goodness does not stop there. The domination gets even better. Inge had leftovers from the festival, and was giving them back to the church to sell or giveaway. Needless to say, I took no prisoners at the opportunity to get some bratwurst. I bought 5 lbs., or 20 premium brats, for 3.29 per pound, Inge's cost, with free shipping and a tub of Inge's kraut! People were scrambling for those things, but at our staff meeting when it was announced there would be some for sale, I exclaimed "Those brats are mine!" I was serious but got lots of laughs, too. That is how I wage war.

I grilled some up tonight and was pleasantly reminded at first bite that, yes, these are the best damn brats I've ever had...

And now I know where to get them.

Over and Out,


PS-Another great thing about our festival is the raffle. First prize, which I think is 5k, went to one of the volunteers who spent his last 10 bucks on the 3 tickets. He's the nicest guy around, and has been volunteering at the Church over the last four months because he's been out of work. When I saw him, I asked him how he was and he said he was still out of work. I said man that's "rough," and he's like "yah...," and here he is walking around with a t-shirt that says Jesus saves, smiling, but suffering inwardly, but helping anyone he can.

Well to make a long story short and festival great, this guy won first prize the next day. Everyone cheers. He starts crying and everyone cheers more. It was genuinely awesome and I am so grateful that this guy, Harrison, won. Thanks be to God!


Sumojason said...

Brats rule, I just wish the wife and kids liked them as much as me. The next time you are over I will have to whip up some of the hot Italian sausages I have from Ohio, they rule.

Nick-dog said...

Oh yes, my friend. Nothing like midwestern meat.


Ben Hatke said...

Tub of kraut? Man, that raffle sounds like a tub of kraut. Just kidding...

But am am sort of wondering if they pulled out the name and it said, like "Mike Hichborn" and the guy reading it says to himself "Harrison needs this more than Mike Hichborn" so he calls out "HARRISON IS THE WINNAH!" And everyone starts cheering as he discreetly drops the ticket back into the basket...

But I'm probably just a dang ol' cynic.

Nick-dog said...

Maybe you are Ben. Maybe you are.

Thanks for dropping by the update, guys.


Bridget said...

Well, I'm sorry that "the wife" doesn't like bratwurst. I think it's cause I don't like any tubular meats any more ever since...the accident.
Well, ok, there was no accident. Only me in 7th grade on hot dog day. had a hot dog. It was great! Got home from school, it longer great. I had a bad dog, and now I can't eat anything that even resembles HDs. I might try a nibble of some 'wurst, but that's about it. Also, that's awesome about Harrison, man! Good ol Harrison! Good for him!