Sunday, September 14, 2008

Farm Boss

If that guy is not the Farm Boss, I don't know who is.

When I saw this guy, I was so pumped. It's pretty much how I see myself in 20 years or so. LOL.

And that's a nice chain saw, too, which brings me to the subject of my post: STIHL products.

Because I live in the countryside, and because I work in facilities, I am very much interested to know what are the best brands for various tools. So when I was on the phone with my dad, who has similar interests (not to mention an encyclopedic knowledge of tools), and he noted that my old parish where he works had just purchased a 20 inch STIHL chain saw, I was interested. Wanting to buy a saw myself some day, and needing one for the chuch where I work, I asked: "Is STIHL a good brand? His answer, "It's the best."

Numerous testimonials attest to his claim and what I have found in my short time becoming acquainted with our new 20 inch MS 290 STIHL Farm Boss chainsaw. (Those testimonials are a great read if that sort of thing at all interests you.) Namely, that STIHL makes a fabulous product.

I am relatively new to chainsaw-ing, but I have found that once you are in the groove with your saw, it is a very manly and rewarding action to cut wood. Chopping wood is one thing, wielding a chainsaw is quite another. It gets the testosterone flowing in a huge way, and after cutting up an entire tree, I felt supremely manly. Don't ask me why, I just did, and I think a new wood stove-friendly addiction has just been born.

In other notes of interest, I just picked up Jerome Corsi's new book, The Obama Nation, and suspect that I will plow through it in record time. Corsi is a senior staff writer at WorldNetDaily, and while I sometimes find their news suspect or dubious, I have no doubt that Corsi's work is an authentic piece of scholarly journalism, to which the Obama campaign's 40-page rubuttal remains impervious.


Over and Out,



Ben Hatke said...

Hey, do these reviews mention how many zombies one of these things'll chew through before the chain catches?

I've always found that to be a good test for a chainsaw.

Nick-dog said...

No, but they go how into how you can attach a chainsaw to your arm before you travel back to the middle ages in a Pontiac.

Just remember, though, to bring an axe.

Shop smart. Shop S-Mart.


Ry Guy said...

Farm Boss is mighty. I wish there was some kind of program or course I could take. Something like, "Follow these eight easy steps, and in one year, you will be just like Farm Boss."

I would totally take that course.

Nick-dog said...

Nick's Farm Boss program (version 1)

1. Buy a Stihl Chain Saw
2. Fill with gas and chain lube
3. Buy a Pontiac boat-sized car
4. Get in and start
5. Attach chainsaw to left hand
6. Start saw
7. Drive to the middle ages
8. Rescue castle from evil dead