Monday, February 04, 2008

Some of My Recent Addictions

It's already been a week since my last post. Tonight, I am continuing to satiate my addiction to HGTV while posting and watching Hidden Potential at the same time. Even though it's not one of my favorite shows, I feel like I am "in the know" by staying tuned in.

So what are my favs? I enjoy House Hunters, an HGTV mainstay, Find Your Style with Karen McAloon, Over Your Head with hilarious Chicago native Eric Stromer, Carter Can with cool carpenter Carter Oosterhouse, not to mention my other favorites: Sell This House; Design to Sell; Divine Design: Design on a Dime; Secrets that Sell; and My House is Worth What?

Yah, I'm a dork.

Other than watching HGTV almost every night while surfing or playing Scrabble, Clare and I recently made a visit to Olde Towne Fredericksburg, where I picked up a cool antique to carry back to my Chicago pad (when I get one). What did I get, you ask? A chair--from the Library of Congress!

Well, I thought it was cool. It's solid wood. The vendor has all kinds of relics from all sorts of government buildings, but I had been thinking about it for awhile now after visiting some time ago, and was pretty sure I wanted one of these chairs. How cool would it be, I thought, to have an LOC chair in my office? It called to me. So now I've got one.

In other news in addition to slogging through Norwich's Byzantium, I am reading Yukon Alone by John Balzar. (Above is Emerald Lake, Yukon in the pic.) Balzac's work is easier, more contemporary fare, but awesome in its own right nonetheless, describing the 1,000 mile plus annual dog sled journey known as the Yukon Quest. Very worthwhile, if you are interested in dog-sledding.

So that's an Update. Please pray for Clare and I's move. We need to get a house.

Thanks, take care. Over and out.

PS--Blogger is being a pain. Sorry for the formatting.


Ben Hatke said...

There you go, blaming your problems on blogger again. What did blogger do to you?!?

If you ever organize a yukon expedition let me know -I'll hop onboard!!

Nick-dog said...

I'll definitely let you know, Ben!


Bridget said...

Nick, when we were selling/buying our Th and new house, all we could do was watch HGTV. They're the shit!!!!

Nick-dog said...

I know just what you mean, Bridge! It's like watching that channel gets you revved up for moving out/moving in.