Friday, February 15, 2008

Don't Say "I Told You So": Buy Your GLOCKS Now!

Hey folks, just wanted to chime in quickly. I don't think I'm a fear-monger when I say gun-wielding psycho-paths are becoming more bold. Over the past few years, we've witnessed shootings of the Amish in Intercourse, Pa., the rampage at Virginia Tech, and now again at Northern Illinois University.

I am pissed. This is the generational legacy that my daughter is inheriting--Cho wannabe's.

After the last blood-curdling massacre, I said Cho may not have gone as far as he did if students returned fire. Fred Thompson agreed with me. And now we are faced with another sick wack-job, and Utah continues to remain the only state that allows its university students to carry a legally owned firearm on campus.

Granted, no sane person wants guns in the classroom, but the stakes have changed. Armed maniacs are ambushing unarmed students in class. Even the Amish aren't safe. There's only one solution: return fire. Today it was a school in Northern Illinois. Several months ago Christian churches in Colorado were being attacked, that is, until the guy got gunned down.

But tomorrow, it could be a department store. Who knows? Getting caught in a showdown with an armed psychopath is not high on most people's A-list of things to do. But one day we may not have a choice. These locos need to be capped and bagged.
Let us not forget: The price of freedom is eternal vigilance.

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