Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Golden Opportunity

So, things did not go as planned.

I went up to NJ. Bought the Jeep sight unseen, per the listing, and the thing ran like shit, unlike the title of the listing "1999 Cherokee 4x4**runs great**".

Honestly, I know better. I was too trusting of the process, figuring that the Jeep would not be misrepresented by an ebay seller who wants to retain positive feedback. With that said, I got most of my money back and returned the beat-to-hell xj. The body was clean, but mechanically, it was a crapfest. Lesson learned.

So what to do? As it turns out, Clare reminded me of a gent back in Harrisburg, who had a Jeep Cherokee for sale at a good price. It was gold and I gave him a text. With the remainder of my cash, my father-in-law and I went to down to check it out. It was clean and mechanically sounded great. I was comfortable with it and made an offer. The gracious seller took it, and I drove 130 miles home with the windows don into the sunset with my new Golden XJ.

Frankly, it totally kicks ass. To me at least. That's the one I wanted to begin with, but the seller was out of town in Alaska when I contacted him. It needs tires on all 4 corners, but runs great for a vehicle with 220k on the clock. I know. 220k. That's a lot, but it's all there.

There is some body damage and quirks to be worked out to be sure, but overall it's solid. The interior is very clean. Minimal rust. Newly tinted windows. Lift. 31s. I couldn't be happier with it, considering what I paid.

God draws straight with [my] crooked lines sometimes. Even though my journey to Hackettstown did not go as planned, I am overall grateful for things working out as well as they did.

Pictures will be forthcoming at some point. It probably looks like hell to everyone else, but to me, well, it's golden.

Peace Out. --Nick-Dog

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