Friday, June 21, 2013

Cherokee Dreamin'

So this past Tuesday, I found an ebay auction for a 1999 Jeep Cherokee XJ by a wholesaler
up in Jersey. Forest Green. 4.0. 4x4 Automatic. 177k. No noticeable debilitating rust.

The ebay post was thorough and included video of a walk-around and test drive.

As I watched, feelings of being and working at the dealership began to course through my veins. Desire for a new Jeep took hold of me. I talked to my wife--she could see the Jeep lust in my eyes--to obtain "permission" for a new Jeep. The auction was ending in 20 minutes. The opportunity for an ebay snipe
glistened before me. Current bid: $649.00. No reserve.

Hells yes peoples!

Max bid: $752.13. With less than a minute left, I became the high bidder and auction-sniped some poor bastard--another dealer I'm sure--out there on the interwebs, claiming rights to ownership at $685 as the clock reached zero.

Sure, I will be paying a $145.00 processing fee and $25 out of state temp tag fee, for a grand total of $855.00. And then I have to get it and bring it back.

Now the Jeep has some issues, but none that affect driveability. The interior smells like old pet, the windshield has a minor crack, and the bumper suffered an injury. It needs a stereo. There's a couple of other minor issues, but those are the main ones. Honestly, anything under 2k is going to need some work.

I have been staying up at night combing the Craigslist ads for Cherokees from Maine to Spain, looking for sweet deals like a man obsessed. All things considered, this seems like a good deal on the one hand.

So Monday will see my father-in-law and I heading up to Jersey in the AM to pick up the new rig. Hopefully, everything will go silky smooth.

Honestly, I've been wanting a Cherokee for 6 years. My plans for the thing are pretty much made. I will post periodic progeess here. The long term vision is to obtain a used pop-up that we can take camping on weekends, now that we have something formidable enough to tow.

The juice is flowing freely. I am so excited about this. We might even get to stop at Cabelas in Hamburg, PA on the way back.

Hells yes peoples!!!

Over and Out, --Nick

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