Monday, January 23, 2012

Weapons & Such 2012

All this month, I've been feeling like I've had my back to the wall, dueling with bullshit scenarios that all at once decide to rear their ugly head. From trips to the ER with my son to a broken down Jeep, to the whole family getting sick, there have been few things that have brought me back to Sun-Tzu like focus, two of which are thus:

1.) Prayer.

2.) Cleaning my weapons, i.e., guns.

I know it sounds banal to some, but there is nothing like taking some alone time to focus on your weapon(s). In this instance numerous weapon's lubrication and mechanical health. The smell of the oil and spent powder one encounters are the smells of war, at least when it comes to paper targets. And with that said, like the bullseye, said odors draws a person's mind into focus as well as to an avid appreciation of the tools of man.

After I was finished oiling up some weapons and wiping things down, after just a crazy couple of weeks, I felt renewed, refreshed, and refocused by paying attention to my go to pieces. So in the spirit of MadOgre and Martin's Blog (the last of which my computer OS will not let me comment to save my life), I will state my 3 weapon's goals for the year:

1.) Optics and hardware for the AR. Looking at a Red Dot, quad rail, handle and rear flip up site specifically, not to mention a carrying strap. Add in a few more P-Mags from JABTAC and bulk 5.56 and this weapon will be ready for domination. Add in a tactical carbine class and it will be all sweetness and light in the firearms department.

2.) 2nd Glock. Three is two, two is one, one is none. It would like to see a G17 RTF or additional Gen3 added to the cache. Having two of one's carry weapon is not a bad idea for numerous reasons. It's time to put my money where my mowth is and keep an extra just in case. Besides, a G17 is a fine investment. Hell, why not have 3?

3.) Gun Safe. One of the struggles in my house is the lack of space. I like to have things set up in stations, and an aptly placed gun safe would go a long way to improving my level of organization. I have guns placed strategically about the house, but those notwithstanding, I'd like to have a dedicated location for my weapons and other valuables.

I could go on ad nauseum with my weapon wish list, but I will stop now. Suffice it say, it always feels good to add to the supply. And with that,

Here's to wishing you all a zombie free 2012!

Over and Out,



Martin Schap said...

Excellent choices sir. Another Glock may be in my future too. My appreciation of them deepens the more I carry and use one.

Nick-dog said...

True dat brother. Hope all is well in the flatlands of Lafayette. I can't help thinking that any Glock is a good investment!